BSNL Broadband has four new plans (Rs. 875-1199) offering 800GB-1.1TB data transfer at 20mbps


@rajujayaraman for some users they get the promised speed once the plan is changed for others they might need to contact exchange to change your line profile to increase the speed.
Hi, Would you clarify further.. I asked the exchange and they say, they are yet to get the circular from. Is the plan 1091 included in this list? Is not automated process? Do you mean to say , that it involves some new towers to be set up by bsnl to get those speed? If those are server settings, then the process should be automatic.
Have they started to give 20 mbps speed for the said plans. IN the first page link , i clicked and saw that this plan is also included in the speed increase. I checked the selfcare portal, but there is mention of other things but no mention of speed. Would you clarify


Funny bsnl employees always say they dont have information on speed change or tariff change even after several month.its their way of answering people simply.20 Mbps speed not possible in adsl i side bsnl is increasing speeds and data and another side bsnl employees say don't have circular on this.bsnl still not interested to install fiber in many places


@rajujayaraman what Idhayakani is a fact, the exchange people are not updated with new things. a discussion happened earlier in forum with a user having the same problem , he was able to convince the JTO to update the line profile. now the line updating does not depend on towers or anything. they change the setting in the dslam located in exchange if i am right. if you are not getting a response means use twitter. that is far better than arguing with the exchange staff. twitter handles the complaint more effectively these days

Good luck
So many persons are just using dongles wireless to get internet access.
MY query is , is the increase in plan speed effected already? or yet to be effected practically?Today, i will talk to the port reset staff regarding this .
i do not have facebook and i do not know twitter. Should i have to create an account to be member of twitter.
Even browser is not safe, So, i am having thoughts of facebook or twitter.
How could one know about speed in selfcare portal. i tried but it only says plan details without speed. If the speed is shown, in the portal , the users could easily say that your plan is updated to the existing reality
hI, INKTONE Really a wonderful link. If anybody clicks that will show, their plan. Yes. i noticed that when i click the link, the staus updated to 20 mb speed , but actually i am getting onlyl 10 mbs. I will talk to the port reset staff about this and then say if it is corrected. But what i want is it should auto update both in status and realtime. But when i click the link , it shows mine......
Will that change with every user
Hi, Ink...
Please tell me , if the link is clicked, it will report the details of the user of the pc concerned. Because , if i click now, it shows my detail. Is it correct?


@rajujayaraman sorry for the late reply
yes that is user specific. it tells details of that user alone.
like i said even when plan is changed to 20 mbbps the exchange people has to increase your port speed too.
i have a 8 mbps plan but my line rate is reduced to 4 mbps to frequent connection losses. that is done by exhange people.
Hi, Ink I have contacted, but worst thing happened. I think ,i have to opt for port changing, rather than port reset. Portreset reduced the speed both download and upload. What a bitter experiene .
Normally port reset would clear all cache or what not in the line disturbance and will reset the speed. It has considerably reudced to half of what i was getting , when i was using 10 mb 300 gb fup limit.
Would i opt for port change ? why port reset has not worked for me. please