BSNL Broadband has four new plans (Rs. 875-1199) offering 800GB-1.1TB data transfer at 20mbps

Modem speed is denoted by the telephone jack that is connected to the modem and router page has the speed in it in the status tab.
Speedtest ookla now shows the nearest speed that is in the router page.
Why the difference speed was shown is not known to me.
I even tried to download the desktop windows speedtest ookla, but i could not read anything in the menu that opens and also, the fonts are unclear.
Fun are the ways that everything happens.
Hi, Inktone , anubhav, do you get the hike speed from bsnl.
here is the latest one from speedtest ookla
Hi, Ink, how to go the link you posted in normal way. Step by step
Or is it not possible that way?
I just checked the connection and checked at speedtest ookla site.
Is loose connection would be the cause, i doubt, so am asking.


@rajujayaraman for me i dont get the spike in speed as my speed is capped to 4mbps by bsnl, as i was getting frequent disonnection.
i now have 4998 kbps and down rate. even though the attainable rate is 7 mbps+.

when BSNL first changed its speed to 8 mbps i used to get variable speed all the time.

Hi, Ink, Hope that you would have contacted to cap it to 5mbps. What are the modulation in your settings. If g.dmt is ticked , please uncheck it and tick adsl2 adsl2 plus only. But before that you have to uncap the limitation effected. any normal adapter with any modem should get 7mbps speed without any problem.
we are getting variabe speed during the day, due to demand of internet, or in other words, more persons use the net on those times. I usualy get 6mbps.
Moreover, i have noticed that if external ipis allotted to you in a kind of pool, there is, i noted, considerable speed decrease.

what is the ip you have dynamic or static?could i access the link you provided in normal way.
what are the other things that could be viewed in the web page. please
Could you say ,what is frequent disconnection, is it only internet light or dsl light as well that troubled you
i am slowlyl learning something by going through the forum.


yap forums like gives lot of new infos . i am replying to all these queries based on my experience.
see i know what might be the problem in my side. i am having an old bsnl ITI modem. its adapter is rated to 10 v the original one blown off so i am using a 9 v adapter. using this adapter i get lower SNR . i think that is one of the reason for this disonnection. and also i am a bit far from exchange some 3.5 km away. i assume there are several joints in between because these was a recent road work in our area and also the location of the exchange shifted. i also happen to be on an old cable laid years and years ago in my area. this all adds up to the issue. i plan to buy a new modem but problem is we dont know when HB offer will end. if it ends then speed after FUP is 1 mbps that i can easily get will this modem.

hope your troubles in connection are rectified.
Hi, Ink It is just to help you in some way. did you change your copper two side wire with bsnl drop wire. I had the connectivity problems and after i changed it , the disconnection problem almost gone. I also heard there may be outages in the server itself causing this disconnection. Our area is being digged for new overbridge and definitely has more joints, as construction activities aregoing around the area and they will cut the inner road cables and then we get disconnected and then technician makes repair.
My house is exactly about 2.2 km straightly , but the cable goes thro street and therefore it will be near to 3.5 kms.
Adsl modullations i entered is from the default settings i have in my modem and that also changes the adsl speed to some extent.
I was using terracom tdsl300w2 modem , but there was no firmware update and so i had Rom 0 page vulnerability found out by avast. This modem was not having any disconnection problem. But i had to change to dlink,
You might have looked about my other thread , about the actual speed not equal to promised speed .
By the by , expecting your reply about accessing the link page you have given for user to know about the speed of the plan or update thereof. real contribution. Thanks.


is this the link you are saying? this used to give the name of the plan but now its not easy to figure out the name of the plan as the service name has changed.
as far as i know any bsnl user can use this link to get statistics of the username and data used etc.
i did change all the drop wires,pairs,port change everything. as i said i am sure its because of modem. i tested with another netgear modem and i am getting 16 to 21 SNR so yes its my modem is the issue. i now get a SNR from 7 to 9 due to the less power from adapter.
modulation is set to adsl2+ as G.Dmt is only useful for low speed connections.

the promised is upto not 8 or 10 or 20 its upto that speed a user can get. and minimum promised speed is 256kbps
Thanks. But what about the other adsl modulations. You could also tick annex M, and annex L. These modulations show increase in dl and ul speeds. The speed that you are getting will certainly show an increase. You could tick these also and check. I am not a telephone engineer, but surfing thro the net, i came to know about these modulations which provide you somewhat higher speed for the users at distance from the dslam. am i correct
These are for increasing the upstream speed, i heard. But my presumption is increase in upstream, would naturally increase the speed of download. I may be wrong.
Please also say, what is special about netgear modem and which model of it i could buy? Are they updating the firmware unlikd dlink which i use.
I never recommend dlink, for they do not update firmware in the wake of so much new vulnerabilities.
Please recommend a netgear modem that will support home needs.
Plelase also see the link
What are the Annex settings/standards in my ADSL modem ?
From this , if it is a valid information, then we have to set annex L to get the best possible 20 mbps speed. If you do not select this annex in your router, i think, the maximum possible in adsl is 10 mbps.
I do not think , that bsnl could look in to thisrouter settings to verify whether a user has selected annex L mode.
I do not know, if bsnl server has the support of annex L or annax M.
Lesser than that shows a maximum of 10 mbps only from this link
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why you said Dlink is not the best?
Netgear cost i s less, some comments tell that it has a better SNR handling.
there is a problem i noticed in netgear modem is that WIFI strength is less and many users has said the same thing.

now SNR changes with time. when SNR decreases Rate also decreases, but i noticed that even if SNR increases after some time, that is not affecting the rate. it tends to go low and low. i dont know if dlink has the same problem. did you notice anything like that ?

There is no firmware update , as quick as some other router. Once, it gets some vulnerabilities advice, most router companies update their firmware. Dlink lacks in this aspect.
Here is an interesting thing. If you have adsl2+ and if your place is within 1.5 km, you may get 20 mbps.
See this link
ADSL Interface Overview - TechLibrary - Juniper Networks
in adsl2 and adsl2+ section.
which link is to be believed is a concern. One lik says that we have to enable annax L to get 20 mb, and this link shows, that mere adsl2+ settings would douoble?
Do you have any idea in this regard?
i bought a new adapter and gave life to my old terracom router after minimizing the vulnerabilities like rom 0 page attack.
I changed the annex M and tested, alas, the dsl could not stay in annex M mode, though present in drop down menu for selection.
i changed back to default annex A and my dsl stays.
Now i will check, by disabling all the annex to see if there is any improvement.
I do not know anything about snr, but in different times of the day, you get different speeds due to demans on the server. If so many persons browse and download, then this speed fluctuation arises.
You please also see my other query , wherein I asked about the decrease of speed on allotment of a pool ip.
expecting your reply as always


i have not seen a decrease in speed with different range of ip. i get 4 mbps always.
now bsnl uses ADSL 2+ technology which supports speed upto 24 mbps. this technology is used so that the service can be used to long distance users.
this 1.5 km is the range to which the full power of adsl2+ can be utilised. so what ever mode you select, as the distance between user and the exchange increases there will be decrease in speed.
refer to this graph to make things clear.

Now as far as i know Gdmt is used for long distance connection to get a more stable connection.but i think that wont give higher speed.
regarding the speed in different time. actually that is due to the load the line takes. the BSNL engineer told me about it.
server issues comes during that time i found SNR getting reducing,pages wont load properly, many errors and stuff like that but even when that is resolved the DL/UL rates always fluctuates.
Hope this helps you clear something.
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HI, excellent piece of information . So, one need to only enable adsl2+ and uncheck all the other things inclulding annex settings to get the maximum possible download speed with all troubles of fluctuations in speed. If you say, so, i will just enable adsl2+ and leave at that.
, Ink.Waiting for a final reply from you
We only see the wires on our premises, but as you say, there may be so many joints , so many patches, so much other factors that will have impact on the download speed like snr, line attenuation etc.
as you say, this value changes overtime, one gets the speed according to the distance one is away from the exchange.


as far as i know the best possible mode is selected by modem itself.
i have these all enabled by default
G.Dmt Enabled
G.lite Enabled
T1.413 Enabled
ADSL2 Enabled
AnnexL Enabled
ADSL2+ Enabled

but then too my modem mode is shown as ADSSL2+. i have heard that the D.DMT is adviced when one have a non stable connection.
as far as i know the main reason if all wiring done is right is SNR. SNR the noise ratio impact so much in connection. This value changes with the type of wire used,distance from user to the exchange,the pair used,a faulty modem,splitter,adapter,earth leakage in the line, now even other electrical appliances that are working in the premise, many such factors affect SNR. coaxial cables are able to provide more speed connection as it has better insulation, see how thick the copper is in it.
all these telephone lines that are laying underground on public roads may be damaged during digging works, some may extend when pulled with JCB's etc these all affect the performance of the line.

Note, i am not an expert. saying these from experience, reading from different sources and talking with BSNL engineers in my location.


Select ADSL 2+ with Annex. M..... if you have good line stats you will get 20Mbps + D/L.... deselect all other modualtions.
For bad line stats G.DMT works best Annex. L...

Check MTNL forum.... you will get lot of feedback.....
Hi, ijsa please give the link in the MTNL
I am not getting that speed .
I have only enabled adsl2+ with annaxe.
My stat is good as can be seen from the below lines
Ijsa, the annex M is more on upstream and not on downstream
adsl2+ with annax L , so is the maximum possible speed.
annex M does not work for old tlype of bsnl modem, like terracom tdsl300w2.
How many users know this type of adsl modulation details
More over, the upstream is capped in adsl as the name itself suggests aslymmetrical.
Bsnl does not give the user desired upstream in broadband unlike the other firble plans
Are you near the dslam .
expecting reply
line stat:
Downstream Upstream
Hlin Scale33480
Loop Attenuation(dB)30.919.3
Signal Attenuation(dB)30.918.7
SNR Margin(dB)6.46.4
Attainable Rate(Kbps)117721143
Output Power(dBm)20.412.0

Adsl Tone List
Adsl Line StatusSHOWTIME.L0
Adsl ModeADSL2+
Channel ModeInterleave
Up Stream621 kbps
Down Stream10493 kbps
Attenuation Down Stream30
Attenuation Up Stream19
SNR Margin Down Stream6.2
SNR Margin Up Stream20.9
Firmware Version4926e708
CRC Errors795
Up Stream BER0e-7
Down Stream BER134e-7
Up Output Power12
Down Output Power19
snr margin fluctuates and not steady

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your line stats are bad..... SNR below 10 and Attenuation above 30.....

I had good line stats... SNR above 40 and Attenuation below 10 when I had MTNL (surrenderd few years ago...... was 500mtrs from exchange.)..... get your line checked... if required get your wire replaced.

MTNL forum
Hi, i had my wire replace only recently.
Do yu have direct connection of your main line to modem directly or with splitter?
My snr fluctuates widely always .
I had the port change option also after trying port reset.
If all else fais, then how to get the best snr
Sometimes i get 10 mbps and some times less than 6 in and around 5.5
please say the tricks
of course, i could hear a ringtone with grrr always in the back ground.
Port change means , a kind of line change is it not ijsi
Today morning i am having 10 mbps and now i have only 5 mbps what wouold have caused to sudden ups and downs


Do you have internal wiring or the wire goes straight in to splitter or modem.

I used to have a splitter first then to modem and telephone.

what is the distance of your house from exchange?

unless you get good attenuation your speeds won't be good and stable.

the below stats are from not so good mtnl line. but still you see SNR around 30



@ijsa in your screenshot the data rate shown is 2mbps right. so one can expect that kind of SNR. but now that case are all gone. instead of 2 its 8,10,20 mbps and that will affect SNR

@rajujayaraman one thing to do now is to change the pair. are you saying about that or the drop wire from DP to your splitter.
the splitter lets you use phone and internet at the same time.try to get a modem from your friend and check how the net performs..
Hi, i use telephone and modem. The distance is about 2.2 kmetres. But with Adsl2+, getting as low as 6 snr is puzzling. I get a static grrr along with the regualr bsnl usual tone.
When Bsnl staff informed me of port change, i was getting a clear tone, but once i hung up and re pick up, the grr tone added to it.
I tried with terracom modem also, and it also shows the same kind of result.
previously , i was having the connection by two way rosette box like below
Now , i just use a single way rosette box from thee i use a rj11 jack to connect to the splitter. From splitter i use phone jack to phone and modem jack to modem and then to pc
I think this is also correct.
In the previous connection , on one end of the rosette wire connection, a wire was taken to the telephone and the other end of the jack connected by a rj11 wire to connect the other to the phone part of the splitter to get telephone connection. This was the default connection done by the field staff........