BSNL Broadband has four new plans (Rs. 875-1199) offering 800GB-1.1TB data transfer at 20mbps


@Kalyan_1980 wait till monday if you dont see a change raise a complaint.

note that you may get funny answers from exchange but keep asking them to change line profile to 20 mbps


Is the plan 1091 omitted. In newspaper and news sites, i came across that the existing plans costing more than 1000 would all have 20 mbps speed.
When the plan will be effective? I still have 10 mbps speed for my 1091 bbg combo cs 246 chennai plan
Would you reply back

@Kalyan_1980 can you please explain how did you change the speed for 20mbps? I cannot find that in bsnl portal? Speed increase isnt default setup by the bsnl? and why should we change the speed from portal?


Exactly. The speeds have increased and only to thank for all of this is Jio.
Regarding increased speed on bsnl broabband i dont see 20 mbps speeds a reliable choice on bsnl copper wires. Currently im on 1199 plan and my line speeds are 12798 Kbps down and 636 Kbps up, with the SNR at 13 up and 28 down. So after doubling my plan speed to 20Mbps from current 10Mbps my snr will drop to half and below 10 (the min snr req for a stable connection) leading to unstable link. Furthermore, at MAX currently my line supports 22000 Kbps (Attainable rate), so achieving 20 Mbps = 0-6 SNR, not possible. VDSL is the only viable option for bsnl to compete as of now bcoz ftth deployment will be very costly and slow.
Hi, Why no reply to my query about the plan 1091 and also , does it not a automatic process of giving speed to the plans . I read elsewhere that 1091 plan has 20 mbps speed and 1 tb fup. Experts please reply to the queries