BSNL Broadband has four new plans (Rs. 875-1199) offering 800GB-1.1TB data transfer at 20mbps

As news states
BSNL Revises a Slew of Broadband Plans to Offer Up to 1.1TB FUP.
The following plans offering 20 Mbps:

Rs 875- 800 GB FUP
Rs 1024- 900 GB FUP
Rs 1099- 1000 GB FUP
Rs 1199- 1.1 TB FUP

What's the meaning of so much FUP if speed is just 20 Mbps by paying such amount?Jio would be providing 100 Mbps and these guys cant give full 10 Mbps speed on up BSNL!!!!!!!!!

Nikhil Sharma

custom title. :)
It's good for people living in the rural areas because I don't think that Jio is going to cover the rural market, So BSNL will be the king of rural market.
lol. just wait for the plans and see how much bandwidth reliance would provide for 1200 rupees.
for most people 20mbps is more than enough. that's the core customer base of bsnl.
this is great news.
Why would people spend 1199 rs for just 20 Mbps and 1 TB FUP?Some people cant even consume 1 TB over a year too.Also for rural areas this plan is very expensive.And Jio's plan at 1199 Rs would be much more value for money than this shitty BSNL.


they won't. they would take plan that is suitable for them. excitel is offering 100mbps plans in my area. guess which plan i am on? 50mbps. the cheapest one. because it is more than enough for me. just because a plan exists which does not look good to you does not mean that it might not be useful to someone else!

bsnl now has some of the best plans in the market for mass market. 1.4GB per day for 99 rupees per month. i mean seriously... it would be hard to compete with this by anyone in the market. jio included.


do remember. reliance jiofiber does not exist in 99% of the country right now. no one knows what their plans would be. bsnl (and others) would change their plans accordingly as and when they actually start offering services. it is good to have more options. it does not hurt anyone. certainly not people who only have bsnl available in their areas at the moment.
Plans are good and BSNL is doing a good job but Infrastructure of BSNL is too bad. I am getting less than 1Mbps on my 20Mbps plan these days. Earlier it was 4Mbps and now after rain its come down to 600Kbps. LOL