BSNL B/B 27 days of waiting No connection


After listen no from bsnl broadband officer NO word I am very sad :( :( :mad: and feel like i am in forest where only i live.I applied for BSNL landline connection ( for broadband use ). they take so much time around 27 days and today i receive a call of bsnl of my area they told me that. sorry we not gave you a connection as in your area not possible. Bla bla bla................ :confused: ( SHUT UP u dumb Fellow ).Even my cousins who lived in too rural village area they have bsnl landline connection.And I lived in town ( semi urban area ). still not get connection.i emailed many bsnl officer whos email id i found in net ( but sadly no one reply all are busy either in honeymoon or counting of money ) other isp present in my area except bsnl broadband.I want some 512Kbps constant connection speed for my study. But all are now my dream.I am from friends help me if u have any contact with bsnl senior officers.Or gave email ids who can respond to my query.Thanks.[/B]


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Sad that bsnl is crappy in your area. If this is their response before giving the connection, you can well imagine what will happen if your line goes down. What about 3G ?


In your location any nearby house flat have L/L connections ?It is probable , no spare Line ( "Pair" as the line man calls it )is available. One possibility you can get an extension phone, and work out (with CAG!) sharing of charges !

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