BSNL 3g Truly unlimted plan Enquiry

Ah, do you have any links to Huawei e8321? And thanks. I'll do that. But the bsnl guys in my area are incompetent like they don't even pick up calls. Is there any way to register a complaint online?

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No, Bsnl online team and CC is very lazy but if you go to the main office of BSNL, it's very competent and just go to manager chamber there and say your problem, he/she will assist you with contact details of local technician, You just give them 50/100Rs. as chai pani expenses then you see the effort they put to upgrade BTS in your area.
Actually, you could purchase it from anywhere you want but I recommend you to purchase Huawei MiFi dongle with 4G lte+ support.
Ohh then I'll go through the main office see if they listen to me. What exactly should I tell them tho?
Is it available on Flipkart/Snapdeal?

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Are you asking about 3G Huawei MiFi or 4G one? If 3G then it available at Amazon and snapdeal. If 4G then you have to purchase it from Ebay and @Saurabh Srivastava could help you with the exact model and link.
Just tell them that 3G isn't working properly, you are getting ultra low speed, Signal comes for some time then it goes. Ask the manager to tell contact details of the technician in your area, usually manager will send you to JTO/ Technician. Just tell the same story to him, If they say no its working fine then tell them that you and many other are facing same issue in your area. He will ask you to fill details like your address and problem details. If they ask you your BSNL number then tell them other operator number for contact purpose and don't forget to ask his mobile number for further contacting him. Now you can complain him by just calling again and again, secondly, if you register complaints regularly then he will surely complain to the further authority for network upgradations in your area due to overloaded BTS.


For speeds have gone a to 1mbps from 10mbps in Dongle. from last few days its 1mbps only using dongle whereas before it used be 10mbps 800-999 kbps easily. Today I checked using oneplus one and I am getting 4mbps, so using that now
Thanks. I'll file a complaint today. If they're competent, they'll do their job, hopefully.
And actually I want a dongle/device that can do both 3G/4G. One question tho..Since the speed in my area is restricted to 7mbps (h), would an upgrade of dongle make a difference in speed? For instance, I'm using an old dongle and the speed I'm getting is around 3-4mbps, so will it go beyond? Or I'm stuck with it?
I have bsnl ftth in my area but it's ridiculously expensive. EvDo wouldn't get past 100KBps. Only Jio and Airtel LTE goes past 40mbps.

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I wouldn't recommend an upgrade for you. If you still want to upgrade dongle then test BSNL sim by placing it in mobile and testing speed near windows or open space, If you are getting better speed by dong so then MiFi dongle may help you otherwise, speed will remain same.


the speeds are lower because of the new data plans like 333, 249 3gb/2gb per day plans. they cant handle it

also net disconnects few times per day now

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