Broadband Services in Jaipur?

Arpit Sharma

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Nov 20, 2017
I was using Reliance Broadband till this month but its down since the whole RCom Telecommunications closing down debacle.
Now I have no internet and can't seem to find a decent service for an affordable price in Malviya Nagar Area of Jaipur.

Any suggestions will be welcome. I don't want to go back to BSNL please.


Nov 12, 2017
Airtel seems to be the best option right now unless Jio or someone else is offering Fiber.

These are their Jaipur plans (New Brochure, just got it a few days ago) -

699 - 30 GB, 40 Mbps, 500 GB bonus.
799 - 40 GB, 40 Mbps, 500 GB bonus.
999 - 80 GB, 40 Mbps, 750 GB bonus.
1199 (Unlisted on website) - 125 GB, 40 Mbps, 1 TB bonus.
1399 (Unlisted on website) - 175 GB, 40 Mbps, 1 TB bonus.
1599 (Unlisted on website) - 225 GB, 40 Mbps, 1 TB bonus.
1999 - 325 GB, 40 Mbps, 1 TB bonus.

All of these have 1 Mbps FUP.

I got the 1199 plan, just got installed today. I am getting 16-20 latency (Got 70-100 on BSNL) when no one else is using it and only one device is connected. They said their exchange box in my area is 900 Meters away from where i live so I'll get 16 Mbps and yeah, it pretty much stays around that (Though does fluctuate a bit up to 20-22 Mbps every now and then and even fluctuates down to 12~ Mbps sometimes). I am able to run Twitch on 1080p 60 Fps (Source) pretty smoothly and Prime Video runs on 1080p HD smoothly too.

They are also are waiving installation charges right now, you can either pay 500 upfront and they'll give it back to you 100 bucks a month in your first 5 bills via discount or you can pay 3 months' charges upfront and you won't be charged installation at all. They give a modem+router for free but it's pretty mediocre.

You also get 10 GB extra for every postpaid Airtel phone no. and DTH connection in your house every month. I got the 125 GB plan, plus I'll get 30 GB extra every month and with the bonus 1 TB I'll have a total of 1.6~ Tb till the end of March. After that i am hoping either Jio Fiber will be available or Airtel Fiber will be available (They're in the process of starting it in 2 up-and-coming residential areas right now but they said they don't have any immediate plans for my area), or Airtel would have upgraded their plans a bit (Like, say 350 GB for 999 bucks like they give in Delhi right now).

If you really need the unlimited data (As Airtel's post-FUP speed is only 1 Mbps) then i guess BSNL is better for you, they are giving around 10 Mbps for the first 40~ GB depending on your plan and 2 Mbps unlimited after that but make sure you live close to their exchange or it'll be a massive pain for you as they don't care about your connection quality and will install it even if your SNR and Attenuation is shit and you'll face problems like frequent disconnections and awful fluctuations. Also, BSNL's customer care service is to die for. Like you'll literally feel like killing yourself trying to deal with them. It's true that its half decent in other, more developed cities but in our city it's just Painful.

Also, the Airtel guy whom i got my connection through said that even though FUP is 1 Mbps it might get upped to 2 Mbps soon as TRAI is currently in the process of making 2 Mbps mandatory minimum. Take this with a grain of salt though, research a bit yourself.

These two are the only ones available where i live but you live a bit better area than i do so you might have more options so you can look them up as well, but make sure they aren't awful at their service. Service is extremely important to me personally and i only got Airtel after i saw a lot of positive comments about their service on this forum.
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Arpit Sharma

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Nov 20, 2017
Thanks for the detailed report!

I never really looked at Airtel in this process of searching for internet as I always assumed they had really high tariffs for really shitty speeds, its nice they upgraded their plans to some extent even these look archaic compared to the cable plans found in most metros.
I've tried looking for a lot of options in my area and even to me the basic requirements are headace free service and a decent minimum speed. The plans I like in Airtel are out of my budget. The 1mbps post fup limit is really triggering. And the concept of Bonus Data doesn't really appeal to me especially as it gets over in 4 months.

I am seriously considering BSNL for now as I had it before Reliance and the service and uptime was great. Only thing I personally had trouble with was the ping while playing CSGO and Insurgency which I am not playing these days so I guess it will do.

Also just like you, I'm looking for to ride this out until Jio Fibre shows up or tariffs go down for other ISPs or some really good new Cable Internet or Fiber Internet providers enter the area.