broadband plan change problem



Hi friends, BSNL confirmed on the broadband plan change to ULD 1350(offers 4 mbps, 20 gb download). but i am getting the same speed as per earlier plan(1.6 mbps). gave call to cc, cc confirmed on bill plan change and taken request for call back from technical team. my modem model is ZXDSL 831AII. if i go to OVERVIEW TAB of modem GUI , its mentioned donwload speed as 1995 kbps and upload speed as 495 kbps. this means my plan is technically not changed, otherwise would be reflecting on the modem page as 4000 kbps as download..need your guidence as to how should i solve this problem, no body has given a call as of now from BSNL


Aug 10, 2008
A regular problem whenever plan is changed, keep calling them if required & get some BSNL tech to look at this but from my experience this is something that requires changes from BSNL Exchange

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