Best Gigabit Router Under Rs. 3000

Please suggest a gigabit router under 3000 which covers my entire house . I have a 1200 sq. feet house and i keep my router in the corner of my house. I can't keep the router in the centre of the house as i have Excitel cable broadband.
Well it's not about the size of your house from what I have experienced. My house is 1350 sq ft and no single access point which I have tried was able to cover my house. It would depend on how many walls/obstructions are there from one corner to another.

You can look at D-Link dir-825 ac1200. Have it at a friend's house gives pretty solid connection.

Edit: Two relatively inexpensive routers will also work if wiring is not a problem.
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^ +1 If you can get a wired backhaul to the other end of the house, just get two inexpensive routers and broadcast a single SSID (one would be the primary router + AP and the other just an AP), your device will auto connect to the closest AP.

Regarding, the D-Link 825 AC 1200, I would recommend that as well, for the price it works good, however don't expect a single unit to cover a whole house. I use two D-Link 825s to cover a 2000+ sqft 3 storey house, with the APs on the ground floor and second floor. I get pretty decent speeds in most parts of the house too.

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I have 2 concrete walls between the router and my room(where i get very low connectivity:Just 1 bar on the wifi)
What about the Netgear R6220 AC1200 and ASUS RT-AC53 AC750 with comparison to the TP-Link and D Link routers mentioned above?
I want excellent range.
Edit: I can't afford 2 gigabit routers right now as i have a max budget of 3k and my old Netgear router can't be used as a range extender.
Do tell me if it can be used as AP.
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yes you can use your netgear as repeater too

Wireless Setup - Source
Page 65
Wired setup (Recommended) - Connect both routers through lan port OR connect gigabit router lan port to netgear wan port and configure .
^ Do note that the second option (ie connecting the LAN port of the primary to the WAN port of the secondary) will do double NAT which isn't really recommended.

The easiest approach is to connect one of the LAN ports from the primary device to the LAN port of the secondary device, and disable the DHCP server on the secondary device. Configure the wireless settings to broadcast the same SSID (with the same password) on both primary and secondary devices.
It would also be a good idea to set the self IP address of the secondary device in the same subnet as your network so that you can easily access the WebUI of both the devices.
^ I just meant that the second part ie ["connect gigabit router lan port to netgear wan port and configure"] isn't a recommended solution as it would do double NAT.

Plus if you do not disable the DHCP server on the secondary (when connecting LAN<==>LAN) will cause unexpected behaviour depending on which DHCP server answers the request first.