Best Gigabit Router Under Rs. 3000


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AsusRT-AC53 is better Than TP-Link Archer c1200 and D-Link DIR-825

but I dit not used any of the routers you are looking at
so if you ask me
Asus RT-AC58U AC1300 Dual Band Gigabit Wireless Router
it is more mony but worth it
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If you dont require High speed file transfer using lan then ac 750 will be more suited for you. However, I will still suggest you get RT-AC58U, its the best budget Gigabit router right now. Wifi Range is enough for 1200sqft 2BHK

Buy a Mi Router 3 and forget about all these worries. Order from Gearbest with registered shipping. I have a Mi Router 3c and it's feels like it's been years since I had any kind of WiFi problems. Planning to buy a Mi Router 3 soon and make both perform in conjunction to increase the speeds at hard to reach places.
Please reply fast as i am in dire need of a router. I have listed my options as:
B) D-Link 825 AC 1200
C) Netgear R6220 AC1200
Can someone who has used these 3 routers,help me pick a router. Which router has the best range and stable performance among these 3? I have read a lot of reviews on Amazon about these routers but people are complaining about the poor range of all these 3 routers.
Note: My house is 1200 sq. feet. I can't use an additional router as AP or range extender and i definitely can't increase my budget and buy the Asus RT-AC58U AC1300.
Thanks in advance


I have a DIR-825, and its pretty alright as I mentioned earlier. I would agree with @aniladivishnu.2000 regarding the R6220 as it is pretty old, so not sure of updates and things like that. Better go for a newer gen router. Out of the list, I think DIR-825 maybe the best bet.

If you have the budget go for AC58U.


all about internet
with the amount you are spending you have to compromise on some things
if you want the speed TP-Link Archer C1200 takes the cake but it does not have range
and if Iam correct you had used it
D-Link DIR-825 does not have good amount SOC and Ram but gives ok range
and ok speed I can only Say D-Link DIR-825 for you in this price point it is the best you can get as per your needs
if you want solid router you Need to UP your mony buy 1KThanks
I was having frequent disconnections with even the replacement router of the TP-Link Archer C1200. Hence decided to return it. I think there is some defect with the entire batch of routers manufactured in March 2018.
Going for the D-Link DIR-825.