Best 3g plan for iit delhi...


Nov 1, 2011
Hey guys
I wanted a good usage plan to use in iit delhi. please walk me through the whole procedure, i.e. which stick is good, how to unlock it etc. and most importantly which plan is best. We do have an 8gb plan(dl speed of 1-2 Mbps) here but the big problem is that it torrents are not allowed and some applications do not support a proxy. I would prefer an unlimited plan but evidently the only such plan is 1650 pm. Upto 1000 cost is not an issue but the data volume should be fairly large. Besides, the signal should be good on the third floor of an iitd building. Thnx in advance.


Hey guys
There are wonderful broadband data plans in various companies but i wanted to ask : is it compulsory to have a landline in order to have a broadband plan? Otherwise, i might as well go for one of the broadband plans. thnx in advance

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