Bangalore lockdown how to get place to rent

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Anyone knows how to get place to rent in Bangalore in lockdown. My sister stuck as the lease she signed with landlady, people are not vecating because they also don't have anywhere to go , and flight not available right now please suggest.

I tried Oyo life and nestway, she was not happy with them. Tried with agent was asking 22k or commission so which was too expensive so left it.

She is living with friend but was suppose to be for few days as place is very small and she currently been sleeping on floor since last month.

She has booked flight on 16th but I don't think flights likely to operate.

She wants single room girls, in a 2 or 3 bhk, in Indranagar or Domlur for month or 2month. She working in startup and they operate via delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and rotate one or 2 people every 2 months.