Bad Experience with Hathway Broadband

I paid the full amount for 6 months. Payment was done online.Their plan is 150mbps and you get a bonus of 2months. So 6000 rupees for 8months.

I live in katwaria Sarai(south Delhi)

Latency is high. Around 40ms. Connection is really unstable. Gets disconnected sometimes. Speed is not reliable at all. Average speed is as low as 5mbps sometimes.

This is the connection incident:

Got the connection after very good review from my neighbor who has got 50mbps plan. Now I have got the connection on 10th July 2017. The guy who came for installation was very rude and he has installed their own router named ZTE.

He also said that on a router, the maximum speed that we can get is around 70-80 Mbps no matter what ever the speed is coming though cable. Like, he showed that 150mbps is there on the cable but through WiFi we will get only 70-80mbps. Is it true? I know that the adapters on laptop and mobiles have got limitations but output from WiFi router should not be having any limitations I guess. So, we refused to sign on the form and sent him back.

After that we have been continuously raising complaints through their playstore app and customer care number. Their app is funny: problems get resolved automatically.and the guy who came for installation is not picking up phone.

We are seriously furstated and going to raise complaints to nodal offciers and others as recommended by you.

I am curious about the 70-80mbps speed limit thing over WiFi. The router they have installed can actually give max of 300mbps.


@Anjathan you should email your problem to delteam. Don't lodge your complaints via app, it's only useful for checking due date/data. Register complaint via customer care and after registering tell them to transfer your call to their superior since they haven't done anything to solve it for 'x' days.
For problem with router i think they are using cheap ones like they do with mine. With lan/cable i get promised 50mbps but on wifi i have yet to speed of more than 38-40mbps. It averages 25-35mbps in the same room and goes as bad as 5-10mbps in other rooms but i only stream on wireless devices so it is fine for me and i only download shows/games via computer.
Im just being cheap and don't want to buy new router.
Your problem can be solved if you get your own router and use it for wireless connections.

For disconnections/high latency you have to wait for them to solve it.
Call nodal officer/cc/email and just wait for them to reply. It is better to wait for them to fix rather than waste 5k.
If you are really frustrated then just ask for refund from them of atleast 4 months or tell them to fix it in few days.
Your only fault was paying for a new service for 6 months without actually trying.
Yes man. As you said, I took the decision without doing enough research. I will update in the thread after filing the complaint.

First, will try to get speed issue and router thing get resolved. If not, then will have to end the connection. Let's see.

These kind of forums must be there in large number. Thank you for the replies friend.

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