Axis Bank has created VPAs for all accounts without user intervention


woot !
Somebody posted on Facebook that Axis bank is creating vpa for all customers and sending them message to install the app and set it up. :D


coming up next. everyone who does not have an aadhaar gets one created for them automatically. next time they are in public space, someone would come and do a biometric scan to complete the process.


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Yeah, I received a text from Axis Bank. They generated UPI ID for me in the format firstname.lastname@axisbank and texted it to me along with a link to their app.

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would have been better if they had used accountno@axisbank. i mean they basically ate up lakhs of vpas that would never get used and blocked them from people who could have used them.

I was able to do transaction using HDFC UPI.
HDFC has integrated UPI into their main app (no seperate app for UPI). HDFC has published guidelines to create UPI address from their app. I was able to create UPA within 1 minute, and also able to transfer money (tested with Rs 10) to friends UPI account on ICICI within few seconds (in just 1-2 seconds we both got sms about money sent and received). It was indeed very simple and fast process.
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yup. i actually look forward to retailers offering upi along with or in place of Paytm . remains to be seen if npci is capable of handling the load. but it is fairly simple and works well.


there are two things...

Before BHIM was launched, few people had even heard about UPI/VPA even though it had existed for many months. But now a lot of people have BHIM or some other app installed so this can actually work. Paytm gained because government took its own sweet time to push UPI as an option.
But the problem remains... Paytm became popular because it enabled acceptance of payments of Rs. 20,000 per month in a non-kyc account. Retailers could buy 10 sims and accept 2L per month. With UPI, there is no easy way to save tax on the funds collected.

Though I am not sure how one can convert the funds collected in Paytm as cash. There must be ways. One cannot just use them to pay for stuff alone.
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remains to be seen if npci is capable of handling the load. but it is fairly simple and works well.
NPCI should be able to do this easily.

As they are already handing IMPS, NACH, RuPay transactions.

Which I believe would be millions everyday.