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Aug 27, 2004
Welcome!You are the few of a select group called "mtnl" (just so you know, this hidden forum was facilitated by the "secondary member group" feature).This is where you discuss MTNL's golden hours & whatever other mtnl things you want.Important:1. Its *YOUR* responsibility to keep watch on the rest of the topics in broadbandforum, & ensure that GoldenHours is not discussed outside of this private section.2. If you find GH being mentioned anywhere else, PM an admin or mod, or click "Report this post" to let the staff know about it.3. If any other ppl want to get access to MTNL backroom, instructions are in a pinned topic, in the main MTNL forum, so just tell them.4. If you have any trouble on the forum, contact staff - staff do have access to this backroom forum & whatever other places exist on here.Thats the end of this bhaashan/speech guys. :)I leave you to enjoy this private forum in peace, assuming that you know the rest of whatever you're supposed to know.
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