Asianet Broadband... worst support ever!

What do you think about Asianet Customer Care?

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I am using Asianet broadband services and is on one of their high speed plans. I am all satisfied with the browsing and regular download speeds. But when it comes to torrent downloads, the speed is terrible. The download speed I am getting is around 5kbps which is unacceptable because of the plan I have opted for. I started using their service this month only. When I called their customer care regarding this issue.They were not helpful and was talking to me in a rude way. I heard them talking about me in an unethical way, by that I mean, using bad words against me when the customer care executive was talking to his colleague. When I told him that I heard what he said and I would file a complaint, he said go ahead and do whatever I want. Sounds rude, unethical and threatening to me.I paid for an year as a whole and now I'm being cheated. I do know there is no point in complaining here . Just to make sure, by reading this no one from now on will think twice before going for Asianet broadband services (Kerala). The worst customer service I have came across. I'm so angry with this guy's attitude, so I am forced to talk about this guy. Mr. Bibin ( Kollam Division ) or any other authority from asianet is reading this, tell you customer service people to behave properly to customers.