APRIL 2013 SOFTWARE ISSUES Noted in Windows XP/7 - Other Thoughts

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Firstly Please don't reply with a comment as to the length of the post, I am taking the time out to educate your lazy ar$3 so give me a break dudes... I openly say it's fcuking annoying! Given the fact I'm putting my ar$3 on the line while the silent majority just laps up anything that's thrown their way!As of April 2013, the first cause of issues on both Windows XP and Windows 7 are the Windows Updates that came along themselves. Already there were a few updates which previously came through and those updates caused the Indexing issue(you see the windows explorer page freeze and the green bar running through the adress bar, yeah that one). Now there is a similar issue some say that a particular update KB2823324 which they have now put a replacement called KB2840149, but I don't think that's the ONLY update that causes the issues now with freezing and BlueScreens of Death!The thing to do is go into windows updates, check the installed updates history, arrange the list by date installed, to descending so that the latest can be caught and check for that KB number or uninstall the April updates and then sit and install them one by one manually and restart everytime to check for errors to catch the faulty one! Or better still, if you have a system restore point prior to the updates' date, select that one and check if the issues are solved.I know a lot of people have no time, hence they have most of the settings on automatic, but I always go into Manual mode for everything for windows updates/antivirus. Definition updates of course are set to AUTO, but the rest I do Manually. I'll tell you how this helps. On April 15th, Malwarebytes, one of the most respected antivirus software on the planet did a major fcuk up! An update was installed that identified its own damn exe file along with most system files(about 2000+) as malicious and guess what would have happened to those with auto settings? YES! That's Exactly what happened!How I evaded it was one laptop had it installed and that too with the trial activated. Thank God I had the Automatic option turned off, but still because the other two(file and browser protection) were turned on it started detecting files and since I usually look through the task manager often, know some of the process names of important programs, so when mbam.exe etc came up I knew something was wrong.Still Program would not allow the OS to load fully! What I did was immediately when restarting pressed the Wi-Fi Button on the laptop to turn it off and immediately right-clicked the Malwarebytes icon and deselected the Filesystem protection option. I checked to see if anything was caught in the quarantined tabs and none. Then checked for updates and the updated virus definitions came through. After this ran the scan and the system was all good!But if you had a look at the Malwarebytes forum that day, you would just have to see it to believe the number of people jacked by that one so called tiny flaw! Now there is also a new updated version of the program itself, so if you do have it installed with the trial, even if you have browser protection and filesystem protection turned on, turn off the auto delete feature on quarantined items.Also kinda figured out why Comodo Internet Security latest versions are set to automatic and do not show alerts, because when you turn the options to manual, and when HIPS is turned on, it actually freezes the system up. This is again like I said for both Windows XP and Windows 7 so when manually fiddling around you know that this is an issue because when an alert or popup comes to select an action, the fcuking thing FREEZES at THAT TIME! That too when that is what can lead to issues or not later in the smooth running of your system and its programs.This means that what was once a good product that went to great and then awesome, has suddenly done a U-TURN and gone back to becoming REDUNDANT! See, what is needed in a firewall/antivirus program is A Direct Access point to see the live traffic and programs and those should be accessible enough to just right click the item in the populated list and give the action then and there itself as to Block or Allow, instead of having everything as round about and fcuked up as it is now!No, don't tell me Avast is better now! BOTH The damn programs have an issue with remembering rules or When telling it to allow a program and STFU, they'll keep on pestering your ass so much so that you have to turn off protection, again REDUNDANT! What is the use of having HIPS and $#!T when the ONLY WAY your system is gonna work fine is if they're TURNED OFF?!I also think if you have Advanced System Care installed along with these programs there is a conflict because despite giving "exclude" in each AV program's exlude settings, there still seems to be some freezing and lack of smooth sailing through internet browsing or windows explorer access. I think at the rate things are going I just might be actally better off with having MSE for realtime and MBAM/SAS/Spybot S&D for on access scanning.And use Internet Explorer 10 with a Ghostery and DoNotTrackMe Add-On Installed! Guess what, both IE8 and IE10 still working flawless in dual boot whereas the newer so called better Firefox Sucks! That's why I'm now limited to Comodo IceDragon with the usual add-ons and very rarely IE in case I feel something's stuttering or websites not loading properly, especially banking redirects on a MODERN Add-on filled browser can fcuk up the transaction.:pWho knows? If in the following days of troubleshooting, I don't see any improvement in the behavior of CIS, it just might be uninstalled and taken off my favorites list. Strange how sometimes the most feared or dreaded programs work just fine out of the box unlike the world widely praised and proclaimed as best software! Something fishy!Oh and about Privacy, now that CMS and all is there, I still have a minor doubt about the safety of VPNs but if you feel that is secure, the only free options I know of are Hotspot Shield Free, SafeIP(which claims free with no ads availability of multiple locations) I hope it's not another bait and switch b!tc# because it seems to be working(The only flaw I can think of is it having a logfile on the system which cannot be deleted, maybe with an unlock to delete program, but still...)Other than that the only other options would be Advanced Onion Router or TOR Browser Bundle but given our FCUKED UP internet Speeds(can we call it speed?) and that too now we won't have more bandwidth because it will all be pushed to our DEAR SUPERCOMPUTER things will be obstructed urinary tract P!$$ slow! :p Guess things ain't gonna be too pretty!For Android, there's Orbot, Orweb and Gibberbot, it allows you to use Twitter too so called anonymously so you can try it out and I would love to help out later on if anyone wants to experiment with these stuff to know if it is really working. Zoner Antivirus Free has an encrypted messaging option in the program itself pending both parties have it installed. Other than that soon we'll have to get down to changing this Entire forum into a Non-logged and Anonymous site, but then they'll make it easier to block it saying unsafe and run by tearawrist group! :p And also have to start communication with Cryptocat, other IRC chat clients either embeded or browser add-on.Another thing is due to the capability to setup algorithms and s#!T the tracking software is able to find out just by the character of your posts if it is the same person, heard some ghost stories on fakebook, and well anyway the whole anonymous issue is redundant now because there'll be aadhaar and well all your facial recognition data and IP and System ID logs already available from Fakebook can jack ur @r$# regardless. Something Tells Me Though It's Time to GO PORTABLE!God the Future of Computers, Gadgets and Internet is Gonna Be Real Pathetic! Yeah Right, the only option is if everyone on Fakebook, Scroogle & Twittr Boycott using the web because they being the majority they'll immediately have to do something because without people giving their information up so openly, how can they tag and follow their ar$3$ around right?! Yeah Right! Like that is gonna Happen?!"Oh But How will I be without posting this photo of me that I spent 5k at the parlor on makeup or hair color or either the photo in the pub or the loo for so many days or be without looking at my phone for updates?!!! NO CHANCE!"FACEPALM! Ride my Bike off a Cliff and Scream I'm Coming Lord! Setup the Table!! SPLAT!!!Other than that dudes, if you have any doubts about ANYTHING, feel free to ask me! The ones I know, I will respond to, and the ones I don't know will say so in three words! :p

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