Apple iPhone 6 Review

Ok so as I mentioned here:
Should I sell iphone 6? (need suggestions) • I want to sell a...

My kind (read stupid!) friend gifted me iPhone 6!

I have been using it from about 6 days now.

Now time to give reviews. (compare with Android)

  1. Superb display
  2. Amazing touch
  3. Camera / Picture quality is amazing.
  4. Camera zoom also very sharp
  5. Sound via headphone is amazing
Above are only positives I can find when compared to Android phones that I have seen.

It has many features that Android has but I am just reviewing the differences.

Now comes negatives part. (Please correct me if I am wrong anywhere)

  1. NO T9 dialer?!!

    This is surprise! How can they not have T9 dialer? Such a big company and can not develop this?

    In android you can simply start dialing number (either in contacts or not in contacts)

    You can start dialing number or start pressing digits related to spelling of the contact you want to dial.

    You can even type first few digits of a number it shows contact suggestions.

    In short dialer is smart enough to show you right suggestions.

    But no such thing in iPhone 6!

    Either you remember the number and dial it OR you go to search and type name of the contact! In short two different places for calling.

  2. No WiFi when phone sleeping/locked?

    Update: Resolved in iOS 9

    So I am always at work or home (both places have wifi). WiFi in iPhone only works as long as phone is ON. But once I put it down, it goes to sleep/lock mode. And then after about 5 minutes, WiFi stops working!!

    If I un-lock the phone, it shows WiFi icon but internet does not work. I have to disable and re-enable WiFi to make it work.

    Now I am not sure if this is faulty hardware but searching Google I think its done on purpose to save battery!

    If I am expecting a mail then I have to keep phone on data connection otherwise I will never receive the alert!

  3. No FM radio support

    Seriously??!! No FM?!! Such a big phone and you could not find a space to insert radio chip? I would never purchase phone without FM radio unless I want a simple non-smart phone.

  4. Cannot send photos to WhatsApp directly from gallery (Photos app)

    So I am looking at some photos in photo gallery and I decide to send it to someone. There is no way to select the photo(s) and send it to WhatsApp!!

    To send photos, first I have to open WhatsApp then inside WhatsApp go to contact to whom I want to send photos to and then in that select "Attach" (arrow) icon which takes me to Gallery and then from there I can send photos.

    New version of whatsapp now allows this

  5. No back button (physical or onscreen)!!

    Everytime you want to end/exit an application OR start a new application, you have to hard press the home button. Which takes you to home screen.

    This uses so much thumb energy, not at all comfortable and lots of annoyance.

    Update: They tried to fix this in iOS 9 by putting "Back to XYZ App" on status bar but its still not really a back button and has lots of limitations

  6. Home screen can not be customized

    There is really not much you can customize in home screen. No CLOCK / weather widgets can be added like you can do in Android.

    You can not put icons at specific corner of the phone. They all stick to one / another in line

  7. No SWIPE keyboard?!!

    This must be joke! Android has swipe keyboard from like 2-3 years and Apple still does not have one of its own. (I know there are 3rd party keyboards but I expect this to be out-of-box feature)

    Again - such a big company and can not develop this?!

    Update: With 3rd party keyboard support - this is no more the case.

  8. No Bluetooth!!

    Well there is bluetooth but it works only for Apple i-Devices only. Which virtually means NO-Bluetooth

    Update: With apps like Shareit etc. File sharing is now possible. But then its still not inbuilt feature.

  9. Call logs does not show exact seconds

    Calls which last longer than a minute, in the logs it just shows minutes not the seconds. Not helpful when you have per second call charges.

  10. No LED front lights

    In my Android there is tiny LED which lights up / blinks every time I receive e-mail OR miss call OR SMS or Whatsapp message OR also when on low battery.

    But no such LED on so called phone costing 52000Rs. You always have to turn phone on to find it you have missed call / SMS etc.

  11. No USB storage?

    This I knew but not able to save files without iTunes is major drawback when world is standardizing the technologies.

  12. No call-recording?

    I dont know if I missed anything but I could not find this feature inbuilt.

  13. 16GB?!?! Not really its just 10-11GB free!

    I seriously think this is fraud! It mentions 16GB but when you go to About-Capacity it says 12GB as capacity and just about 10-11GB available?!!

    I doubt that based on features and apps iPhone has - those Apps can really consume 5 to 6 GB!!

There may be many more things that I noticed but I suppose above are enough! (May add more if I remember)

I seriously believe its utter waste of money (unless you are display and photography lover - but then you could buy cameras)

PS: My Sony Xperia 2011 phone can do a lot more than iPhone 6 and with so much ease.
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Because Apple does not allow them to store such files directly on storage accessible to user.

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