Apple FaceTime Updates


carrier approval? :) now that all US carriers have killed unlimited plans, there is little to worry about data consumption.

Still.. they could have added the feature on unlocked phones .. It just don't make any sense to not allow facetime using data connection even on unlocked phones..


well. they saved that update for iOS 6. like they did a lot of things with Siri. apple likes to update in patches so that they have something to update about most of existing stuff as well. i mean iOS 6 on its own does not feature anything spectacular yet from what i have read until now. it seems like a progressive update from iOS 5. i do not consider the new maps app an iOS 6 feature. siri enhancements are also nothing spectacular. updates to most of existing components is what they have done in iOS 6. i hope google has good stuff planned for jelly bean which is expected to be announced later this month.


Bhatakti Aatma
Aww. So nice of them. First manufacturer to provide 'Facetime' on cellular.