Apparently this FTTH problem happens to ONLY ME in the ALL of INDIA.

Even here in Chennai, I'm facing this issue of ONT restarting and this issue has been going on for 5 days and no fix available yet. I'm going to give up my connection. There is no hope for BSNL. They don't work.

I'm from lower caste myself, I agree that SC/ST idiots have taken over government sector and not doing their work, harassment is common, bribing is common.

This shithole country can't improve without eradication of caste and caste system.


The OP has been having this issue forever (since he got the connection). Think positively and try to get the best out of BSNL. Use RTI effectively. You can get a lot done using RTI than by any other means, especially in BSNL. Take a few days to learn to file a proper RTI. Start with asking about small details and then go from there.

Of course, most staff think they are the kings in their own kindgom and they work only for business people or to their friends and family. There are some good dedicated people in every government department, including in BSNL. Use them effectively.

I had similar issues in the past in both BSNL and Airtel (broadband). But, these days, everything gets done almost in an instant. But, I had to work hard to get to this stage. With Airtel, RTI doesn't help. But, filing a request to surrender connection helps. Just got a credit of 500 (plus 18% tax) for their stupid mistake that could've been avoided with proper training.
Monday Update:
So as you know, a system change was scheduled by the BSNL guy for today provided that I remind him by calling or messaging him.
So today I called him at 11 AM twice, but he did not pick my calls, so I left him a message about our arrangement, few hours later he replied to me with a message "Hmm..." So I replied back with a "Send your technician then." He looked at the message and then forgot about it.
Around 2:30 PM I called him 4 more times, ofcourse he did not pick my calls and I should also mention that after i called him third time my call was put on waiting, that means he is clearly taking calls from others and being an ignorant "dheet" to me.
I'll call him again at 4 PM and if my issue doesnt get resolved today, I'll file a complaint at PG portal.

@dataski Relax bro, you are in chennai, there are many other ISPs that you can opt, so discontinuing might be a good idea for you, but I am from Kota Rajasthan, I don't have any choice other than BSNL.

@pothi Nah bro they are not refunding any money at all, I got the BSNL wireless solution installed too, which again did not meet the expectations and I went to BSNL office the next day to get it removed, the guy their argued a lot and said I can't discontinue for atleast a month and started telling me that the installation guy told me correct speeds and I am getting it (obviously I wasn't getting it).
I had to bring my father with me to get him to discontinue the connection, but still not a single penny has been refunded.

I am not on twitter sadly.

And yeah, he's still not picking my calls but he just pushed an excuse right now saying he's busy in fixing some "Major fault" and will do anything tomorrow via a mesaage.
Sorry for late update, I was busy for last 2 days, but there wasn't anything to updatr you on anyway lol.
Since I was busy, I could not call him and you can just guess now that he did not do anything at all.

Since the last day though he hasn't picked any of my calls and only has excuses to give.

Here's my chat with him lol, removed his DP and Name for his privacy.
My Chat With Him
Pics Art 09 27 11 57 26
So today, I messaged him one more time, and thankfully he replied and sent someone to change the system, but the system wqs not changed today, instead he changed the patch cord.

Lets see if this fixes the issue or not.
Update : Been testing the new patch cord, he changed it from APC green to UPC blue, the link stays stable all the time although internet stops working at times.
So basically, earlier the link also disappeared when net didn't work, now simply the link stays there but internet doesn't.
He says he will get the system changed in this week, so hopefully it fixes the issue.