Apparently this FTTH problem happens to ONLY ME in the ALL of INDIA.

Let me give some backstory before i tell whats going on.
2 years ago I posted on these forums asking for some advice, because I was frustrated from BSNL's frequently disconnecting dsl broadband (100-150 times/day, 100% honest).
No one except one guy replied and all he did was ask me which part of my city I live in and then disappeared.

Well, eventually I got rid of dsl and got myself FTTH connection.
Now the best part is my house is right next to exchange, all it took was 30 meters of wire to get the connectivity, so I got it running for very cheap. But for my luck, within 6 hours of the connection started working, it disconnected very similarly to how my dsl used to disconnect.

What happens is, say its working fine and the Link and Auth leds on ONT are on, suddenly net stops working and link/auth leds become unstable(they start blinking), after a few seconds they get stable and stay that way for like 2 seconds and bam, unstable again.

This cycle can continue for "x" qmount of time, sometimes as low as few minutes.
The longest it continued that I remember was 16 hours.

The people at bsnl office are confident that I am the only ftth user to have this problem in the whole nation, and it's something to do on my side instead of theirs. Obviously I asked what on my side could be causing the issue, he said most probably a virus in PC ?????.

I was literally dumb founded at that moment, but obviously didnt say anything, he told me to format my pc which I did.
I also didnt connect my pc to the ONT this time and using it thriugh wifi only so that his virus excuse won't work the next time I talk to him.

Anyways I have reported the problem to him again today and will update this thread with any progress, but new users please be warned, this is a shitty govt handled company, their after sales service will never be customer satisfactory anyway.
(That guy in the FTTH office is a sc caste who got the job because of reservation, not because he was good at it).


Well, that doesn't make any sense. :ROFLMAO::LOL:

Couple of things that came to my mind
  • From your description, its pretty clear that your FTTH ONT has trouble keeping a stable link to the BSNL OLT for whatever reason. That has nothing to do with your PC or Virus or whatever. :ROFLMAO: (Bless the BSNL guy!)
  • As to why it has trouble keeping a stable link, there are couple of possibilities
    • The optical power at the ONT is lesser than the receiver's optical sensitivity, this depends on the ONT but it varies from around -22 dBm to -28 dBm or so I think. If this is the case, there might be some sort of damage in the cable? Or the power level is in the border. This can be easily checked with a optical power meter.
    • There could be an issue with the ONT device itself and its malfunctioning and its not able to keep a stable link.
    • There is an issue with BSNL OLT itself.
    • Maybe its the result of bad fibre splicing.


The last sentence could have been more polite. It is discriminatory.

That said, like @varkey said, it could be an issue with the power / electricity. When the power / voltage / current gets lower than certain limit (of the router, wifi, etc), the described scenario is very well possible.

Yeah , there are more equations to the problem, than what the bsnl guy is telling me, anyways tomorrow more action will be taken as I have talked to their boss, he said he will have some "qualified engineers take a look". I'll keep this forum updated so people can have an idea about bsnl services.

P.S. Although bsnk have regularised the 777 and 1277 plans, officials here are only activating these plans for "new users" only not for regular old customers.

@pothi : I don't see how me telling the truth is discriminatory but them getting free jobs for their surnames is not. Anyways you can tell the same thing to the general caste technician who works under this sc guy because he scored more than him in the selection comission exam, yet did not get the job.
Thought I should also mention what steps had been taken by bsnl in the past.
I have had this ftth for 6 months, and the problem started the same day my connection started working, since then my problem has been attended only 3 times.

First : The guy simply did some tweaks which he didn't want to explain in the ONT router page. But honestly speaking, i was sitting right next to him and I was not able to see any setting that he changed and then didn't switch it back to default. ?

Second: He said they will change the ONT but for 9 - 10 days no one came, so i reached the office myself and he gave me ONT there, I came home and switched it but within 10 minutes the new ONT gave same problem.

Third: He said ONT must be fine then, let's change the battery now, again no one came for over 2 months, and I didnt call them back too, i was too tired of it. Just called them yesterday only before posting here.

Current Update: yesterday he said, I should call him around 11 AM and he will see furthur into the problem. Since 11 AM i have messaged him, called him 3-4 times. He is not attending the call, nor giving a f*** about my message.

mayank yadav

Have you tried changing the adapter of the ONT with a new one. May not solve your problem, but worth a shot. Just ask the BSNL office to give you a new one and also i see that you never mentioned the make and model of your ONT.
The model is same BSNL is providing to everyone.
ONT Type-A Config Huwaei EchoLife HG850a.

Look at my last post Third attend, the guy said he will change the battery, but again if I don't keep calling them back every single day 10-12 times, they just seem to forget about it. I didn't call him back so for 2 straight months no one came to change the battery lol.

EDIT: Currently uploading 2 clips on my youtube, because yesterday this happened for over 20 hours straight.
CLIP 1 :
CLIP 2 :

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I had a talk about pgportal with the same guy lol.
He said, do it if you think it will help, they will process the complaint for a few days and ultimately the complaint will come to me only, I am already handling it, but if you want to create a mess, your choice (bhasad machani h to apki marzi).

His exact words in brackets. xD