Any Xiaomi phones with Jio support ?


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Does any Xiaomi phones in India allow using Jio SIM on it ?


Computer Addict
I see. The Mi store apps keep bugging about sales happening at their store. They too had no mention of Vo LTE in 3S specs. That's why I asked. So 3S and Note 3 has Vo LTE support ?


plus the problem is that not every company seems to list volte on their phones because it was not an issue until now. all new launches, the companies are highlighting support for volte. nexus 6p for example does not support volte right now because google has not released the required patch yet.

even gsmarena or mi website does not list volte... so the only safe option is to check with existing owners or the company itself on social networks. first option is of course more reliable.

assuming jio is updating the supported device list on their website regularly, that might be another place to keep an eye on.


Well...... you should be more concerned about LTE bands
which Note supports.... following.....
B1 / B3 / B5 / B7 / B8
B38 / B39 / B40 / B41

As for VoLTE...... that even Redmi 2 Prime supports.....

I have both 3S and Redmi 2 prime...... both support....

but it is not only VoLTE that you need..... LTE bands are more important.... therefore without Band 5 Remi2 prime won't be as good..

though Xiaomi can fix it with an update because Snapdragon supports...