Any one have Idea how to get FM licence



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u have given one no ..wats tat TF mean
Sorry I am not authorised/permitted to use abbreviations, or corrupt/wrong spelling,
because I am not a student !
Normally TF, is not an abbr for Telephone.
I thought the full sentence " contact TF ..........after 1000AM" if read fully, will mean I am referring to telephone numbers. (given in brackets for you. 044 is STD code for Chennai. )
In future I won't use this abbreviation TF for Telephone. Thanks for pointing out.
It's ok man..I thought tat u r reffering any dept name as TF..Thanks 4 ur reply....V got t circuit in ritchie street...It costs around 300rs..The shop owner said it wud cover a range of 1km and height of 20 ft..but it only covers t range of 20 ft hemispherically...Also the freq goes on changin..V r working on it to become stable....The o/p pwr s less than 150milli amps..


companion said:
Thanks Seshu, and SuryanI had this Idea since 2 years but now I came accross this forumand I came to know about this web radio but I do not have much info on this web radio, and how I am going to set it up and how much it will cost.any way All options are open.Just for people who want to know how much it will cost for Setup excluding the licence fees1. the FM transmitter of 250Kw costs around 100,000RS and the distance covered by it is about 50KM this is one time setup of equipment 5 year garranty.2. Administration:lets say we hire 2 employeesPart-timer, Inter student as a host for the station - with good communication skills with pay 24000RS/annum.Part-timer, senior citizen who is retired will administor and guide the host and incharge of the programs with pay of 50000RS/annum.3. you can keep 26000RS/annum for extra unknown expences4. there is a 5min/hour advertisement allowed for community service Radio stations Licence, we can generate some revenue for the station, this is the time alloted by government for non-profit organisations.I am going to do some more research for the FM Radio station and the web radioany way guy Thank you very muchthis is a very useful site for information on broadband
How about getting a HAM Radio License first ? I think it might be the first step. I am no genius but maybe HAM license might take you a bit further in your aspiration.
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