Anna Hazare

Anna Hazare's recent history.

He was with Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi in India against corruption movement. Then Kejriwal built AAP. He became anti Kejriwal for entering Politics. Both Kiran Bedi and Anna Hazare believed that they have to remain outside of politics to clean politics. Both Anna and kiran Bedi strongly attacked Kejriwal. BJP used Anna to attack Kejriwal and AAP. After all, Anna is lifetime member of RSS. Then suddenly BJP made Kiran Bedi as Chief Minister candidate. Anna ji ullu ban gaye. The same Bedi who was against our rotten political system became a part of our rotten political system.

Anna Hazare along with Ramdev and Ravi shankar attacked Congress on Black money issue. BJP played Anna several times to attack Kejriwal and attack Congress. Anna Hazare attacked Congress for corruption while he was being supported by BJP which is equally corrupt. Then Anna saw BJP's land acquisition bill (land grabbing bill) and started criticizing BJP to support farmer's cause.

Anna Hazare don't have mind of his own. He's used/manipulated by RSS, BJP, Kejriwal etc at different times for political mileage. I don't know who is pulling Anna's strings this time.

Delhi saw the fastest growth under Congress in last decade. Anna played a big role in destabilizing Congress Delhi Govt. I will never support Anna Hazare and his agitations, he's always a pawn being used for someone's political mileage.


Star gazer
He is putting these types of statements every 6 months.

And then will also drag Arvind Kejriwal in it for not passing Lokpal bill.

Which Delhi Government has but pending with Center for approval

voluntary submission. not forced. you are not requiring the affidavit for some service. lol.
i mean right to education is a right. but that does not mean you have to get educated.
anyhow. he is irrelevant today.


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Yes but one can not say .. that ..."if u want to join our movement.. u should not be studying.... because now a days higher education means more corruption"

Also I suppose fighting election is fundamental right (just like voting is)... so he can not ask people to make any such affidavit.