Anna Hazare

I have not supported an individual or a party. I have endorsed Didi's ideals, her views on society: Anna Hazare
I have always placed country before self. The only other person I saw who thinks like me, was didi: Anna Hazare
As a CM, Mamata Banerjee could have lived like a king, like many politicians do. But she did not take Govt accommodation or salary: Anna
I had raised 17 issues concerning the nation's future. I had sent a letter to all political parties. Only Mamata didi replied: Anna Hazare
She also said, out of the 17 issues raised, some were already part of Trinamool's manifesto in 2011 Assembly elections: Anna Hazare
Not a single political party thinks about rural development. Mamata is the only politician who has given importance to villages: Anna HazareVillages should be the unit of development. Agriculture-based development is the need of the hour: Anna HazareSome parties are helping big corporations in forcibly acquiring land from farmers. Land Acquisition law is being misused: Anna Hazare
Mamata has also agreed to our demand of electoral reforms: Anna Hazare

Anna Hazare was successful first time to get public support because people were already angry with Congress govt due to all scams and inflation happening that time. But are people angry with Modi govt as of now? If not, why would people support Anna this time?


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Anna Hazare suspends October 2 hunger strike in New Delhi | Latest News & Updates at Daily News & Analysis

... he has decided to suspend his agitation scheduled on October 2 in New Delhi as the Central government allowed the Land Ordinance to lapse and implemented the One Rank One Pension (OROP) for ex-servicemen.

But wait new agitation is coming!!
Hazare also demanded the appointment of Lokpal and Lokayutas and said he would launch a fresh agitation if the government did not implement the same.