Android wins prestegious award


Hmm the only problem with this that I see is no where on the New school's website or twitter or anywhere for that sake do I see it written even in one line that android won this award or that even this award existed... The only source we have on this front is a guy named Matias Duarte who works for google... He has posted on his google acct congratulating android for winning this award... Its possible that this award ceremony was a very small event but wouldn't at least the design school hosting this award posted something on their website or twitter acct... If u see its twitter account its filled with tweets regarding this & that... Surely they could have written a small tweet somewhere that this award function was being hosted on so & so date... You guys know what? I think I am gonna post on facebook acct that I have been elected the next president of India(not pranab or sagma :p)... I am sure everyone is gonna congratulate me on my achievement & the press is gonna write press is gonna write articles of my journey from a small time businessmen to the president of India :D ...

PS links for reference
The New School
David Carroll