Alliance Broadband users, I want to know some things from you


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I am thinking of getting their 75mbps plan in Kolkata so just wanted to ask, how much ping you guys get to singapore servers and hong kong servers?
ping doesn't depend on bandwidth .. can you be more specific .. like if you are intending to play some game... for your information i use the starter one with 10 mbps international bandwidth and its more than sufficient for me i play a lots of online games (dota2 , csgo , overwatch , playerunknown battlegrounds , Battlefield 4) heavily stream online on twitch , netflix , amazonprime even on HD

and stay away from Battlefield 1 , any call of duty games , they dont have any servers in South east asia
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@ozone007 I was actually intending to know how much ping you guys get in a normal connection(pingtest to HK/SG etc). Because I am interested in if they have better routing than airtel has. I am a high level r6s player so decreasing my ping can greatly help me in competetive/ESL. If alliance can provide me with a decent upload speed and a better ping than airtel can, then will probably get a connection

Ping depends on game ..for CSGo less than 90 same for dota 2 ( CSGO and DOta 2 50ish in Indian Server) .. regarding to siege .. Singapore has better latency .. when i used to play R6 Siege my ping used to stay at 60-90 .. i stopped playing siege now one of my friend is complaining he is getting 120 ish i would say still better ... i dont know about hongkong .. when i played RUST facepunch official HK it was like 320 same for battlefield 1 350+ , a little less for black ops 3 280+ but which was unbearable ..