Alliance Broadband at Central Avenue - Kolkata 700 012.


Dear All,

I am presently using Airtel Broadband (4Mbps plan) which is quiet expensive and has FUP. I am planning to shift to Alliance Broadband and take their Rs 1399 + Tax Plan which is much cheaper then Airtel and has no FUP. My installation area is opposite Yogayog Bhawan (Pin 700 012).

I am interested to know whether Alliance service is good and do they deliver the promised speed. What is their downtime and how quick do they respond. ?

Any feedback from users of Central Kolkata will be highly appreciated.

Thank you.



I am not from central Kolkata, but I always get the promised speed since last 2 years. Downtime would depend on your local cablewala as they will be the ones responsible for servicing. In my locality, I get service within a day, generally. I think you should visit your local cablewala and ask them about who are the local users, then get feedback from them.

Deep Saha

same here speed is as promised but night happy hours speed fluctuates from 250kBps to the max speed promised , other than that other speeds are fine. Downtime are very less , I got less than 6-10 days in total downtime in my last 1.5 yrs with alliance that too some are with local cable walas.

I am from north kolkata
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