All we know about Reliance Jio JioGigaFiber Broadband


Mar 25, 2019

Jio is bringing up new areas continously. Most of the areas are wired through underground cables.

Customer onboarding is similar to buying a new sim. You give a Govt. ID proof, get a live picture clicked and pay using Paytm, Credit/Debit Card or JioMoney. You will receive the bill instantly on your email along with your landline number and order ID.
You will receive a call for appointment fixation or you will directly get SMS with appointment date and time. Device is activated within 15 mins of installation if not instantly.

Termination Box
Grey coloured Terminal box is usually located outside your home. From where will be using a drop cable to take fiber inside your home.

Earlier Jio used Black wires which had steel wire for protection of the fiber but now that has been replaced by a white cable without steel wire.

Indoor Termination Box (Optional)
A white colour 2inx2in Termination box will be fixed on wall near the placement of ONT. From the Indoor Termination Box, A fiber patch cord will be used to connect your ONT.

Currently, 3 Types of ONT are available from Jio
1. Max model- You get dual band wifi and 3 gigabit ports. Security Deposit : Rs 4500
2. Mid Model- You get 2.4Ghz Wifi and Gigabit ports. Security Deposit : Rs 2500
3. Low Model- You get Gigabit Lan Port. Security Deposit : Rs 1500


Jio has just started providing to new customers. Jio will not be providing any Instrument for the Landline. You are free to use your own instrument or Jio4GVoice app. Any Landline Instrument will work. Calls to all networks within India are free.

This should be of least concern to you. You will get 100mbps till launch happens. Do not worry about the data usage. You will read that you can use 1.1TB per month but that is pure bullshit by idiot media.


Dec 19, 2016
Can you explain the last portion? Are you saying there is no data limit?
Also, I believe that the landline might be in testing in certain limited areas only as the customer service denies it and there is no news of it anywhere else at all. I was informed that they are testing it with certain preselected customers. The installer and the sales team also are unaware of it. If it were being offered to every new customer, the installation team would obviously be aware of it.


Mar 25, 2019
LL has been released couple of days back. Customer service will not accept till it is commercially launched. All jio related news are paid PR so you will not get this news. When did you last converse with your sales rep?