All Sorts Of Problems with mY BSNL Connection


hey guys im having a hell lots of problems with my connection

1) frequent disconnection in every 2 min. from the past weeks before that it used to disconnect every half an hour on an average. i read This Thread : n my SNR and Attenuation values are excellent as per the table mentioned in that thread dispite of that im facing huge frequent disconnection.

2) even if somehow the line gets connected ( all lights of modem working fine ) i cannot connect it reports some Error 651 of modem or something same thing happens again when i disconnects modem, unplugs all the wires n replug n repeats the process again 1 more thing im experiencing huge pings when playing online before the problem started i used to get 40-50 ping n now way over 180.

3) third problem is with the splitter connecting through splitter makes my internet connection unstable phone works all fine. i tried to connect directly tht works but same problems mentioned in 1 & 2 makes me unable to use internet At all..

i complained abt these on CC 4 days ago(still no response) n boy after hearing tht much n with the amount of interest he was paying to me i think im not gonna receive any call from BSNL technicians or any lineman is ever gonna show at my door steps .......

and by the way i took me 3 hours to post this on this forum all because of my SHIT BSNL Connection.


i took me 3 hours to post[ONLINE
I would have typed in Notepad and done copy/paste text here !
In such cases do not post ONLINE/.
check how you have connected the splitter. (All PHONE/s ONLY after the splitter.

(a)Mention your modem model number /make.
(b)If error 651 : try PPPoE ( always On" ) mode enter/store ID/PW in wan page.
(c) Try in safe mode with internet.
(d) try to run the BSNL telephone cable away from house wiring.
(e) Your Locality : residential/ or Business or some factory nearby. ?
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k thnx essbebe problem got solved today after so many tries finally a sound engineer came who had knowledge n solved my issue.

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