All Digital Cable network bangalore

Sachinbr and Rohit NS can u guys PS post the pics of the STB, UI, Software, Settings option and remote.
Also if u can PS also post the pics of some Sd and HD channels


RohithNS said:
Overall clarity is good, sound is also very crisp. There are several channels some of them are never heard of such as Mastii, they transmitt even Bhojpuri channels. I dont dont have the list yet. I will try to compile the list in the later date.
And i don't know how many people have this feature in setop box. but this setupbox has a recorder facilty to record what you are watching in to the usb(pendrive or disk). length of recording depends on the size of the usb capacity. No, i tried, we cannot view this recording in the PC.
We Already Have in town IN digital...where you can record but cant view in PC
Thanks all for the pics. well great pic quality.
Any info about the STB like which make model is it, smart card is issued ??
Whether new channels gets added automatically or is there a need for the subscriber to scan for channels everytime.
Settop box is model dtc-2031 based on Novabase (German) technology. No we dont need to do anything.The channel automatically gets added without any hassles no need to do rescans.
Smartcard are not yet given..slot is empty as of now.