Breaking Airtel Xstream Fiber Broadband 1gbps ultra plan with unlimited data (~3TB) for Rs. 3999+GST (Rs. 4719)


So guys, here is the update. Today my plan was changed to 1Gbps but speed i am getting is very less . complained via twitter DM. they raised a ticket. i must say their twitter team is extremely quick to reply.Got a reply and a call in 4 minutes Flat after i sent DM.
Airtel support is always a cut above the others.
My Office was using leased line from TATA which had issues quite often and support was not that great.
We recently switched to Airtel and thier support is awesome and has turnaround time in minutes rather than hours.


they still blame airtel for looting customers through the year when jio was not there. no one seems to notice that airtel has been here since late 90s providing solid service with good customer support. handling all kind of abuse by the government policies with spectrum pricing and so on. everyone else has either disappeared or regrouped. reliance brothers come when they market situation is optimal. abuse their connections in government. get favorable policies. and then disappear again when it seems to not work well in their favor. though it would be hard for jio to disappear like rcom did because of the massive investment and of course the bleak future of oil and plastic industry. they need jio to work so they would have to work on it. and hopefully airtel would survive for a long long time to provide a good solid alternative.


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I second that. Only reliable ISP offering unlimited plan at just 2360 Rs with 100 mbps speed.


yeah Airtel is consistent......

but also there is a network upgradation of Airtel going on for more than 15years now in my area.... I hope the network there mobile network is upgraded before I am gone....

frankly speaking I have never used Airtel broadband.... though I have been using internet since VSNL dialup era... because had very bad experience of Airtel mobile network as well as their poor customer care, so never ventured into Airtel broadband.... though my friends & relatives, using Airtel are very satisfied with the service....

Airtel definitely has upper hand in broadband in comparison to Jio.

In mobile network Jio has advantage.


One thing also should not be forgotten that it was ACT (former beam) who broke the monopoly of Airtel in southern cities. Beam was another revolution on those data starved days. It prompted Hathway, You, Spectra, Alliance and other local ISPs to jump into broadband business with attractive plans in other cities where ACT did not have coverage. This also forced Airtel to increase its FUP to four times in southern cities. I remember paying around 200 Rs/GB in 2012, pack of 1299 for FUP of 25 GB, which was increased to around 75 GB within a year.


Apparently this is available in my apartment now, all wired for giga connections. I am on ACT and the connection has been great for the past year or so. Pings are a little bit wonky and some latency while gaming but otherwise nothing to complain. Could anyone who has this (the 300 plan) tell me how the overall connection and downtime is? ACT has a service executive in house here so the turnaround time is really quick. Would I regret it if I make the switch? Also, would someone happen to know the equipment they provide? Would I be able to use their GPON modem in bridge mode to hook it up to my own router to do the routing?
Airtel currently has routing issues so i advice you to check it before switching to Airtel.

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