Airtel V-Fiber (VDSL) - Link Drop & Other Issues [HELP]

the airtel guy came and replaced the huawei 630 router with binatone dt 920w. speeds are fine but my mobile is not getting connected to wi fi?
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My huawei was replaced with a binatone 920w as well but i noticed a peculiar problem with it. Even though the vdsl link itself was stable with no resyncs, after about a day or so of uptime there would be heavy packet loss and only a restart would fix it and the cycle would repeat itself. So, I got them to replace the binatone with a dlink dsl 224 and it worked well for 3-4 days but today after approx 2 days of uptime there was packet loss again (20-25%) and upon checking the dsl stats i noticed the CRC errors count rapidly increasing and as was the case with binatone, it became normal after a router reboot. I don't know what to make of it because i never faced this problem with the huawei .

DSL Line Status    SHOWTIME.
DSL Mode    VDSL2-17A G.Vector FDPS AnnexB
Channel Mode    FAST
Up Stream    9997 kbps
Down Stream    44994 kbps
Attenuation Down Stream    23 dB
Attenuation Up Stream    19 dB
SNR Margin Down Stream    9.4 dB
SNR Margin Up Stream    10.4 dB
Vendor ID    RETK
Firmware Version    v134fc14
CRC Errors    4
Up Stream BER    0e-7
Down Stream BER    0e-7
Up Output Power    6.5
Down Output Power    13.5
ES    4
SES    0
UAS    1212
Up Stream FEC Errors    22
Down Stream FEC Errors    0
Up Stream HEC Errors    0
Down Stream HEC Errors    0
@waterloo_sunset Your stats don't seem good for a stable VDSL connection. They are still good for an ADSL+ profile. As per the Airtel guy who came to Install, the min SNR in VDSL should be more than 12db for average to good connection and 15+ for excellent stability. However, on ADSL the SNR can go as low as 7db and still remain somewhat stable for 16mbps profile.

Below are my line stats and on 777VR i haven't had any problem till date.

Dsl Line Status
Dsl Mode VDSL2-17A G.Vector FDPS AnnexB
Up Stream 9998 kbps
Down Stream 45000 kbps
Attenuation Down Stream 18
Attenuation Up Stream 20
SNR Margin Down Stream 14.2
SNR Margin Up Stream 17.8
Vendor ID Beetel
Firmware Version v134fc14
HEC Errors 0
Loop Length 550
Up Stream BER 0e-7
Down Stream BER 0e-7
Up Output Power 5
Down Output Power 13.5
Down Stream CRC 1
Up Stream CRC 0
Down Stream FEC 0
Up Stream FEC 2
Down Stream ES 1
Up Stream ES 0
Down Stream SES 0
Up Stream SES 0
Down Stream UAS 84
Up Stream UAS 0
Guys ,
I am on 40 Mbps Connection (From Lucknow) and my speed keeps on Fluctuating during the day.Its only during the late night OR early morning I get 40+ Mbps speed..I have complained innumerable number of times.They have even changed my wires and got some sort of testing done but still no improvement.During the day speed keeps on fluctuating between 10-35 Mbps.It's very annoying.

Can anything be done regarding this.

Here are my stats:
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Facing random disconnections for the past 2 days and getting only 3 mbps downstream.
No reply from Airtel yet after my complaint
@yougotmehere I'm aware that the line stats are not ideal but the only thing that's changed is the router. The connection was trouble free for 9 months with the huawei.
Because Huawei has the best hardware chips among the three routers and it still can hold on steady till the last breath unlike others. I am not sure if those modems will ever come back as homemade (Binatone) routers are in circulation. Might wanna try bribing some service engineer to get you the Huawei one.
@raj2007 Check with your local service engineer as he can tell you in a sec. Usually they downscale the sync rates when their is some upgradation in the process or some kind of breakage or even a server glitch (My profile got corrupt at the server end and sync rates got randomly assigned)
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