Airtel Secure


Oct 29, 2004
Airtel Allows Postpaid Customers To Rollover Data Balance

With the introduction of 'Airtel Secure' - a digital smartphone protection suite, customers can now protect their smartphones against accidental/liquid damage.

If a customer's device is accidentally damaged, Airtel will arrange for a pick-up of the device, get it repaired from an authorized service center and deliver it back to the customer. What makes Airtel Secure unique is that it is the only solution to offer damage protection for smartphones up to two years old.

Airtel Secure also comes with Norton Mobile Security Suite, which includes anti-malware protection, and an App Advisor that flags privacy risks such as intrusive behavior. It also safeguards against phishing and malicious web sites browsed via Wi-Fi or carrier networks.

Every Airtel Postpaid Promise will be delivered through a seamless and interactive digital experience on MyAirtel App.


Aug 21, 2015
i have not enrolled for this , however let's say i do, do they ask for phone images before enrolling, as let's say my phone is already damaged and i subscribe to this, and then file a claim, what happens in that case?

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