Airtel pre-paid - Roaming internationally and keeping SIM card alive


Mar 18, 2016
Hello Airtel experts - I have an active Airtel pre-paid SIM card (purchased in India 2016). Currently, I am in Europe for a short term assignment (2-3 years). Is there a way to keep the SIM card alive while I am here in Europe? I understand that regular re-charge will help (and keeping a minimum balance), but is there any definitive answer on what the minimum requirements are to keep the SIM alive? I keep getting messages from Airtel asking me to upgrade to a 'roaming plan', but I don't really use this SIM (I have a local European SIM - much cheaper). Roaming plans costs are high and some are valid for only 28 days. I just want to keep the Airtel SIM alive for the next 18-24 months. I had asked this questions a few years back, but wondering if there is any update on the issue. Thanks!