Airtel offering 75 Mbps on V-Fiber


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Do you mean to say that they have mentioned UNLIMITED on the sales page but they are offering 100 GB only?

If that's the case, it's against TRIA.


From what I understand, there is not much regulation in the broadband sector. For example, in Airtel, each city has its own plans, rather than circle-wise plans. Even within a city, plans vary depending on the location. Even from the same location, the plans vary depending on lots of factors, such as the customer's ability to negotiate terms / plans.


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@manojrk That lady is either ignorant or just toying with you. If i were you, I would have asked her to downgrade to 499 plan and if at all suspension occurs, I would play the termination card. One thing is damn sure Airtel can't afford to lose its customer base, when Jio's threat is imminent.

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