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Apr 11, 2006
I recently shifted from Mumbai to Goa and purchased an Airtel pre-paid Sim ( mobile no. 9860804400)It seemed the messaging service was working fine till i realised that I am not being able to receive messages from Germany ( vodafone Carrier) though I could send messages to them.I did not have any problems when I was on Airtel im Mumbai and Kolkatta and could send/recv.msgs from Germany without any problems.From 8th of Apr.'06 -till date 11th of Apr.06v , I have been continously speaking and trying to explain my problem to the customer care guys but the standard answer I get is "it will be looked into and problem solved within 24 hrs".I am totally fed-up now and must have spoken to the customer care at least more than 30 times though to no avail. Whn I tried registering myself on MyAirtel services, it could not accept my new no. -9860804400 and says - invalid moblie no.It is urgent that I be able to receive msgs from Germany . Can somebody help me?Bidisha


Aug 26, 2005
New Delhi
Take ur number off the post unless u wanna run the risk of getting weird phone calls at weird times :pAbt the problem, insist on speakin to someone senior and explain ur problem to him/her as it is a specific one and the CC guys won't do much even if they get what ur trying to tell them.


Mr. Advocate
Jan 8, 2005
New Delhi
........ and post in the right folder.

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