Airtel Lifetime Validity recharge online


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Oct 26, 2013
I am a new user of Airtel and am currently overseas
Can someone tell me how to purchase Lifetime Validity on Airtel Prepaid online, and how does it work
Have looked through the Airtel website and searched google but could not find this info
I tried charging Rs 99 but ended up getting a 3G data plan and tried chargng Rs 495 but did not go through
Information would be greatly appreciated


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Aug 4, 2008
Validity would not lapse and will get auto renewed
if the Connection is used regularly (once in a 30 or 60 days atleast, dont remember exactly) and meets the TRAI rule ofhaving recharged for rs.200 in a span of 6 Months.
I have a OLD Airtel number although after lots of recharges expiry date never extended, and was shown as Aug.2013, I called up customer care in Aug itself,
they checked my transactions and then told me as I am already a regular user the validity of this connection would get auto renewed and it did, it added few more years.

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