Airtel FTTH Now Available In Chandigarh


Are you on an unlimited plan?


Okay, I asked it because no ISP would want to limit the bandwidth on a FUP based plan.

I seriously have no clue that whats going on with my case, in the early days on my connection I was getting approx 300 Mbps on both download and upload but facing this issue since last 1 week only. At that time I verified the speeds on Google Drive also.


fiber should not slow down due to neighborhood traffic spike.
and it is very unlikely that people are uploading more these days compared to downloads.

ftth routers do not have any value to show what is the upload rate set on his connection?

The problem seems to be solved for now. They have configured the static IP again, there was some issue with the last configured ip. Getting good speeds now and hope it stays like this only.
Thank a lot guys for your help :)