Airtel FTTH Now Available In Chandigarh


trying to upload smaller files or larger files on upload? what upload speed you get on non-popular speed tests where isps are unlikely to cheat. like Broadband Internet Speed Test


There's worth noticing that Airtel is not making any commitment on the Upload speeds.
That's true and that is the only reason I hate Airtel.


right. it's likely that there is no uniform policy on what upload speed would be set on a connection.
best is to get an official word on what upload speeds should be on a particular plan. and than push for it. :confused:
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@Sushubh Yes, but they are not entertaining their customer at all in this concern. I have got my modem replaced today, line checked but still the issue is there. I have been going through this since last week, tweeted to Airtel also yesterday.