Airtel FTTH Now Available In Chandigarh

@vishalrao 999 plan comes with 200gb monthly data.
The good thing is that they give me bonus data of 1000gb every time when I exhaust my previous 1000gb data.
I have to just call them and threat them to disconnect and switch to other ISP they ask me the reason of disconnecting I tell them data is very low.
The CC guy then transfer my call to a senior person then he after listening all this Then say I m giving u 1000gb bonus data to ur account.
@pothi they provide me 1000gb bonus data every time when I exhaust that.
That fulfill my month data need of around 400 to 600gb depends on usage.

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Lol. Only AIRTEL babu thinks that V-FIBRE is FTTH.
No offence but most of the people using V-Fiber thinks they have Fiber connection.

I'm not talking about the people here, I am talking about the people using V-Fiber.

Don't bet on this but we are bunch of geeks of IBF but others are non-tech oriented bunch of newbies think they have Fiber running but in reality that's a shitty DSL.
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@SINGH30 Do you live in an area that has been recently developed or an old colony? What i am trying to understand is Airtel laying or upgrading Fibre in old colonies or they are just focusing on the new developed or under development colonies.
@yougotmehere I m living one of the oldest sector of Chandigarh.
Airtel of Upgrading and laying FTTH to those area,s first they think they get more Connections.

Cost of laying FTTH UNDERGROUND is very HIGH I asked the Team who was laying FTTH In my area they said It's Cost Around
RS 360/- per Meter They said They Laid Near 10 kilometres Of FTTH in my Area.

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And it's the Cost laying FTTH in just one Sector. In CHANDIGARH there are near 120 Sectors.
And It's Take them near 3 to 4 Months To Complete FTTH in JUST one sector.
You can understand how much time it take to reach masses.
I am having very poor experience with Airtel Fibre in Sector 32, Chandigarh especially with the upload speeds. I am using their top of the link 300 Mbps connection by ut still getting poor upload speeds.
On Google Drive I get fluctuation in upload speeds ranging from 1-20 Mbps, same on wetransfer, dropbox etc. With their Huawei modem and 5ghz wifi the speed test app on my phone shows about 300 on download and 50ish mbps on upload. Same story on the PC as well.
Their engineer is visiting my site since last 5 days but still no resolution and also There's worth noticing that Airtel is not making any commitment on the Upload speeds. It seems that they are not having any clue about this issue now.