Airtel FTTH Fiber Broadband in Sector 31 Gurgaon


they changed the box installed outside my house today. they said that plans are to provide last mile fiber to all homes in the coming months but for now vfiber it is. and the new wiring should improve stability and quality of existing internet.


I am still on adsl. 4mbps. Last time I called they refused to give modem for free so I just refused to upgrade. They haven't called me back yet.

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alright. got my first call in a while to upgrade to vdsl. the guy offered 899 plan with 150 rupee lifetime discount. and of course, router is now free. refused.
i am guessing they would want all adsl customers to upgrade to vdsl as soon as possible. based on other folks' posts... 300 rupee discount is easily obtainable. might need to go through the social media team to get that offer. would give it a go in april when my abs subscription would be over.

mayank yadav

Just got a notice from the RWA that airtel is deploying fiber in the society(Sector 49,Gurgaon). If any one near this area can you please post airtel's FTTH(not V-fiber) plans here. I wanted to compare them with BSNL's current FTTH plans. Thanks in advance.