Airtel FTTH Fiber Broadband in Sector 31 Gurgaon


I am a n00b
Yeah, most of the guys doing the work only know what they have to do and no more. They would have no clue when the fiber will be lit or when it will be in service. As for the platform, there is no guarantee, they do have site plans on what goes where, the cable tunnel machine means that they won't have to dig it up. But, if the plan shows that location as a place where they need to bring the cable to the surface, say for a distribution box to be installed there, then there won't be much you will be able to do.


i just hope they ring the bell to at least get me to remove the car before they start digging the place and not do something like this:

though in this particular case, the car seems pretty much discarded. all dusty and parked far from the residence. so maybe they tried contacted the owner but could not locate him. but still lol.
I am in sector 40 here and have been on airtel v fiber (40 mbps) since Dec 2016. don't know why they didn't offer you better speeds till now considering both sectors are just across the road.
With ftth cables being laid down in sec-31, i think they will soon start in sec-40. maybe then they will start providing the 100mbps speed they advertise on their website.


vdsl speeds drops as you go far away from their box (or whatever it's called). from what i have heard, they offer faster speeds on the other side of the sector which is closer to it.


but i already have access to 25 to 200 mbps connectivity from other operators lol.
i mean i do keep an airtel connection handy. but it just costs too much to be used as one of the two connections on my load balancer.