Airtel FTTH broadband


I have recently got an Airtel FTTH connection installed. As expected, Airtel has provided me with a pathetic router which gives 10-20% of the actual speed being given by Airtel, on wireless.

Can anyone suggest a nice FTTH router which I can buy on my own and install?




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You need to get the AC router or access point to get 50+ mbps speed. Get R7000 or R8000 or p series from netgear.


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Ummm, why would you need an AC router? N especially the n300 variety can easily give you more than 100Mbps speeds. I have an older WNDR3700, even at 30ft distance I get full 100Mbps on my phones and laptop. The desktop is connected via a gbit lan port, so that would be no issue either.