Airtel Fibrenet FTTH Availability in Salt Lake, Kolkata?

Can anyone confirm if the FTTH (not the VDSL2/VFiber) service is available in Sector-1, Salt Lake in Kolkata? Probably around localities of AA, AB, AC blocks (PNB / Phanri). If so, how is the service compared to VFiber? I have used Airtel from 2007-2016. I used VFiber which was available in my area for a few months and then switched to Hathways FTTH last year. Even though Hathway plans are 1/3rd of what Airtel provides, but I miss the consistency, stability and pings of Airtel. Hathway's H-fiber only gives promised speed to its nodes to satisfy the TRAI QC, but international routing sucks, so I am looking to switch back to Airtel but with FTTH.

What are the installation charges if its available? And also, how is the layout for their FTTH? Is it underground as JIO has recently started digging the entire locality and installing ONT Boxes in Lampposts by pulling out wires from the underground?

P.S : Are there hidden plans that can be negotiated at the time of installation?