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@nishantt6969 they wont teach that in btech cse its just shiity course most of thing are outdated and far from actual application .They give senseless assignments only to copy . Students just want out of this system end of the day,

My speedtest is now working fine smooth 100 mbps 5 ping
EDIT: Nope i take my words back
Thinkingof changing to Excitel
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ODF to OLT is allowed max at approx 3.5 km
I don't know if this is true. The maximum GPON distance is up to 20kms. 3.5kms from the splitter to an OLT seems to be not practical.

In my case, my LCO has two offices, the main one near the BSNL exchange which is approx 10km from my home (by road), and the second around 6km from the main. He uses something called OLT to OLT connection to connect both offices.

airtel stream fiber uses two-wavelength
Every single-mode bi-directional fiber uses two wavelengths for RX and TX. It's a technology called WDM (wave division multiplexing). The thing special about airtel fiber is that it uses an APC connector to introduce an 8-degree angle on the returning signal to minimize return loss.
it is complex to maintain optical power using an optical fiber amplifier
I didn't know that. Can you quote any article on this? Thanks!
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@WieldyBinkie that's true, but as the deployment is done in a circular manner to target max. audience in an available radius of OLT, the max bandwidth, and optical power must be maintained all over the circular deployed areas! if the deployment is done in a single direction then a 70 km distance can be targeted in single-mode fiber deployment.
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In my city (Jaipur) I have almost single split or probably more than that connection. I mean my power is always -11.7 dBm so you can guess. OLT is around 500 Meters away & almost 1-2 KM (wire distance) away. After my house it goes to another splitter box which then splits the connection further. LCO has 3-4 main lines going from the front of my house. Connections going by my house covers right side of our area and others service rest of my area.
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@Dravin here you go - Fiber Optics Products used in the Fiber Optical Transmission

GPON in our internet connection is single mode fibre & multimode fibre is very rare for home installs. Single mode has a very long reach but given the circuitous route that a fibre cable may take I will not be surprised if they use amps/boosters. Maybe used at gateways or even between 2 remote OLTs. Not sure. I haven't asked since most of the guys I interface with won't be aware and only the hardware i.e. equipment vendor's and Airtel/TPBB engineers would be aware of the details.

So, I haven't worked hands on in opt. signal transmissions ie hardware installation and commissioning end but yes I have worked on projects involving very large country wide fibre roll outs in the EU and interfacing telecom OSS/BSS software systems. I hasten to add I do not claim to be an expert in this field, far from it infact, but few fundas are there. :D