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I am currently on a “Home 999 plus plan”; my computer has malfunctioned and needs repair, as a result I am unable to log on to the net. Due to my busy schedule getting it fixed would take some time. I called up the Airtel customer care and was told that I could temporarily get my account deactivated for a minimum charge of Rs. 250, all that is required is an email to [email protected] .I sent them a mail 3 days back, but there has been no reply so far from Airtel. I sent them yet another mail yesterday morning along with a request asking them to acknowledge back to my mail. I have also called the CC many times to inquire about my status, each time I am told that I would have to send a mail to [email protected] (which I have done twice) and that someone would call be back within the next hour or so to confirm the deactivation. The usual ‘Surely Sir’, ‘Can I have your number Sir’, ‘from which mail id have you sent your mail Sir?’ blah blah blah and the same old poppy cock talk follows every time I call them up.

So far no has called me up from Airtel. And I was never rude to anyone at any point. I have also not received any mail, the CC seems clueless. I asked them to give me a complaint number, to which they say that they can’t as this job requires sending a mail to the concerned Dept. What is one to do in such a situation? Why is it so hard to get ones account temporarily deactivated? It might be a month before my comp. is set right, and I don't want to pay 1000k + for no reason. I also asked them if I could shit to a lower plan instead, asked them about 64K unlimited, I was told that there is no such plan on their cards. Can anyone help me as to how to proceed? If the deactivation takes so much time, I wonder how the reactivation would take?

Today in my office we needed to change plans on two mobile phone numbers. And trust me Airtel makes a hell of a lot from these customers. When we called the CC to ask them if someone could come down and explain the new plans to us, as their website is not always updated. And the person could also do the needful paperwork to shift us to another plan. We were told to contact the nearest Airtel mobile branch, I asked them for the nearest Airtel mobile branch phone number, but they could not provide me with one. We finally did manage to get the contact number of the nearest branch from the telephone directory. And when we called them up they told us that they can’t send some one down to our place, we would have to call the CC for that. What exactly is going on? Does Airtel want business or not?

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