Airtel Broadband Fibrenet FTTH now in Pune

FTTH plans are available in Pune now.... Yeppy... My office building is FTTH enabled.....Applying for 100 Mbps 5299 Plan. (175GB)


Casual Gentleman
Nice, congrats! I'm guessing the installation has been done by now, so i'd like to ask; what upload speeds are you getting? Would probably shift from my Rapid 175 to the 5299 plan as well, if they can provide it where I stay, and more importantly dont have uploads capped at some godawful speed.
Hi didnt replied I just enquired today to Airtel CC. The answer was no feasibility in my area. Ironic I am staying only 3 Km. from Airtel head office Pune. Which a located at Swargate.