Airtel Broadband Fibrenet FTTH now in Bangalore


It totally sucks if they limit upload speeds to 1 mbps. It makes sense for DSL as it is technical limitation. But even with FTTH?!I wish they don't limit the upload speeds so that I can make a 1080p Skype video call! :-X
I have taken the Airtel FTTH combo plan (Broadband + Landline). Broadband speed is good. The issue I am facing is with the Landline connection. Whenever there is power cut, the landline does not work. This is because the landline is connected to the modem, and modem needs to be powered for landline to work. This is not the issue with other Airtel plans (which are not FTTH). Is there a workaround to this? I was searching for splitter which can split the voice and data, but could not find any in market for fibre connection. The only option people say is to buy separate UPS for the modem.


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Yes. Airtel should provide you with a battery backup to the ONT (FTTH modem). Bsnl does this. I don't see any reason why airtel shouldn't

FTTH voice works over VoIP. You'll need a modem in any case.


They don't have FTTH yet in many areas. One of my friends in Marathalli is on 4Mbps, 30GB plan and I was on 8mbps, 60GB which was cheaper than that. So they have variable billing within the city too.