Airtel 3G Speeds is a complete mess in karnataka

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Hi friends, Airtel charges exorbitant amount for their 3G services, but inturn the speed doesn't even reaches complete 3 mbps. well, coverage is no doubt excellent but Bandwidth attached to each tower is just pathetic. seems like they started with some Huwaie basic infra kit and installed the towers. either there is a performance issue with the active infra or airtel is having bandwidth crunch. more so, companies like vodafone who share airtel 3G network in karnataka also offers exactly same speed on 7.1 mbps plan. any day or any time, i check my speed it just doesn't cross 2.6 mbps. ufff, i had actually unlocked my docomo dongle to run other network because of poor docomo coverage, but its a problem with all .:doh: