Airtel 100 Mbps- Chennai- Review

Dear All,

After using Airtel FTTH BB for 3 months I am posting my review.

  1. The speed is as promised. The browsing speed never fluctuates. Its steady.
  2. Symmetrical speeds- Upload & Download @ 100 Mbps.
  3. Bonus Data is an additional advantage for heavy users.
  4. The Toto Link Router & ZTE is good.
  5. Toto Link Router gives Dual Band functionality. Its useful when you also use cordless to avoid cross range.
  6. 5 Ghz band connects all devices in full 100 Mbps.
  7. Download speeds peak to 12 MBPS in torrents & 87 Mbps in other website based.
  8. Lowest Down Time. Virtually Nil in 3 months.
  9. Unlimited landline calling comes very handy & useful
  1. The router range is limited.
  2. The ONT & Router could have been one.
  3. Router gets trouble in getting signal from ONT sometimes. Quite annoying when you switch on initially after switching off.
Some of the pics

Speed Test across different servers

Chennai Server



New York



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Hey bro! Thanks for the in-depth review with pings to many servers!!
I am also planning to switch to airtel ftth with the main purpose of lower latency to EU and Asia PUBG servers.
Can you please check the ping to the game servers if possible! PUBG Server Ping
Thanks a lot!