Aircel on course to wrong billing

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I have been a very happy customer of Aircel for the past 1 year and now this happens.I am a postpaid subscriber and every week I get an SMS update with the no. of minutes used till now. In the whole month I have never ever crossed 1800 minutes even with heavy usage. But yesterday i get a message update that I have used 1300 minutes in this week, which is totally insane. The customer Care people are helpless as they say that even they cant access the usage till the bill is generated (which is 12 days away). It seems that am on path for harassment here.I will ask for the itemised bill once the bill is generated and need to approach the concerned department?Never faced this kinda issue till now (am using mobile since 2001)


Talk about harrasment........:mad-tongue:
I have one prepaid with Aircel for quite some time .In th last 3 years atleast three times I have re submitted my papers . I met quite few unhappy pre paid customers having the same fate while waiting for my turn in Spencers Plaza Aircel office. while re submitting copies of my ID etc was asked to use internet and other services. I think they are doing this to pre paid subscribers who do not talk much and spend more time in roaming may be! :neglected:
In between I lost my phone and went to the same office and got re issued a new sim (same no)after submitting papers+fee.
few weeks ago,they sent the same submit address proof..since Iam away from home region...I ignored they have blocked it..Rs 150 or so credit is there.but that no is used for all internet banking (one time pass word) and for travel booking sites.
Only yesterday I sent by email a letter to customer care cc to nodal and bcc..appeleate etc.

I think Iam going to port that no to BSNL or reliance GSM :wink_2:
It is a pain to change the contact no writing to all the banks .:scared:

I have a second no-Reliance GSM pre paid-3 years .same tariff- 50 p local /roaming/std /local+national sms and no extra deduction for un neccessary services:fat:

Atleast I seperate my 3G /Gprs email needs away from my permanent voice no's by using any cheapest pre paid sim/pack in the other 3G Android phone. :no:
Imagine getting a inflated 3G usage bill for 10-15k in to a cell no which you can anot afford to use.

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